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Dentist NYC | Prosthodontist NYC

Sachar Dental NYC - Prosthodontist 

What is a prosthodontist?

A prosthodontist is a dental specialist who has undergone extensive training focused on restoration of diseased or damaged teeth. Often, treatments are related to more advanced dental disease and missing teeth.

Their education starts with earning a DDS degree, or doctor of dental surgery, in a four-year dental school. They then complete three additional years of training by an accredited training program in prosthodontics.

Why are we the top rated prosthodontists in New York City at Sachar Dental NYC?

Dentist NYC - Prosthodontist NYC

Our prosthodontist specialist has extensive training and experience, in treating the most complex general dental, and cosmetic dental cases. There are many patients that comes to us after seeing other dentists and dental specialists who were not satisfied with the work done. At Sachar Dental NYC, we understand your frustration and upset associated with not having your expectations met.  We also understand the upset associated with undergoing extensive treatments and not being happy with the end results. 

With over two decades of experience in practicing in New York City, our prosthodontist has seen just about everything.  He has a gift of visualizing what needs to be done in three dimensions, and the manual dexterity that gives him the ability to perform even the most complex and difficult cases with amazing outcomes. He is truly an artist and has been able to resolve so many patients’ complex problems to their satisfaction.

Additionally, our prosthodontist is also a specialist in dental implants.  He has undergone extensive training in two specialties, dental implants, and prosthodontics. This is rare for the same dentists to complete both specialties in their post dental school education. In most dental practices, two different people will place an implant, and then a second specialist will restore the tooth.  In our practice, the same person places the implant, and then restores the tooth which gives him the ability to oversee the dental implant surgeries from start to finish. This unique ability translates into the same person that is able to visualize both parts of the procedure from start to finish, and to achieve much better outcomes.

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