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All the below content has been written by Dr. Sandip Sachar. 

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A vision of the perfect NYC dental practice 

Sachar Dental NYC was started in 2002 by Dr. Sandip Sachar

Dr. Sachar had a vision.  At the start of her dental career, after working in multiple locations, she was dissatisfied with the care that she observed was being provided. She decided that she needed to start her own dental practice in order to fulfill her dream of practicing compassionate, ethical and 'green' dentistry, the way that she had envisioned it.

The perfect dental practice philosophy

Dr. Sachar decided that her NYC dental practice would treat patients like family.  Any dental service provided to her patients would be a service that she would like to be done on herself, her mother or her child for the same diagnosis. Her philosophy also focused on providing dental services that were the least invasive and most conservative options available, to get the job done.  She also decided that she would use the least toxic materials possible, despite them costing her more. Additionally, her core belief has always been to treat patients with prevention rather than cure.  To this day, her entire NYC dental practice is focused on preventing dental disease before it has the chance to progress.

Building the perfect dental team

Since opening her doors in 2002, Dr. Sachar has expanded her practice, Sachar Dental NYC,  to include additional cosmetic dentists and general dentists as well as specialists.  She has amassed an incredible team of dentists, certified dental hygienists, dental assistants and her front office staff.  Her practice is truly like her family.

Treat patients like family- The Sachar Dental Family

In addition to treating her staff like family, Dr. Sachar treats all of her patients like family. Her dental practice has continued to grow over the past 2 decades by “word of mouth”.  Many of her patients have been with her for this entire time.  Her philosophy for growth is simple; treat patients like she would want to be treated, explain everything in detail, allocate sufficient time for every patient such that they do not feel rushed, and finally, provide ethical and excellent dental care at fair prices while accepting dental insurance.

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