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Root Canal NYC FAQ

Root canal NYC FAQ

Is root canal very painful?

Root canal procedure is usually not very painful. It is performed under local anesthesia. Traditionally, it gets a bad reputation as being painful, however, most of our patients report that the pain is identical to any other filling procedure.

How long does a root canal last?

For a vast majority of cases, a root canal procedure should last forever without problems. Many of our patients at Sachar Dental NYC had their root canals done by us 20 years ago and are still doing great.

Why is a root canal bad?

Root canal procedures get a reputation of being bad because they are performed when tooth decay has gotten more extensive than a regular filling can fix.  In reality, they are very successful and helpful procedures.

Can you eat after root canal?

We instruct our patients not to eat until the local anesthesia wears off after a root canal procedure. This is usually about 1 hour. This is a precaution so that one does not bite their tongue or cheek.

Is it better to remove tooth or root canal?

It is always better to perform a root canal than remove the tooth. Root canals are very successful procedures that prevent tooth extractions from being necessary.

What is an alternative to a root canal?

It is always more advantageous to save a tooth than to remove it. An alternative to root canal involves removing a tooth and replacing it with an implant.

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