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Dental Sealants NYC FAQ

Dental Sealants NYC FAQ

What are dental sealants?

Dental sealants are made out of a resin material that is applied to children's’ teeth in order to prevent cavities by sealing the deep grooves. Similar to tooth colored filling materials, it goes on as a liquid, and is cured using a special light to form a hard surface.

Are dental sealants worth it?

Dental sealants are a good investment. Once the sealant is applied, it can protect teeth from tooth decay and prevent cavities.

Are sealants bad for your teeth?

Dental sealants are not bad for your teeth. We use only BPA-free materials that have no side effects. Sealants usually last forever to prevent cavities in the future.

How much to sealants cost?

The cost of dental sealants is $100 per tooth. Most PPO dental insurances cover this cost at 100% for children up to 18 years old.

Do adults need dental sealants?

Generally, sealants are only for children. However, if we notice adults that have deep grooves in their teeth, or have previously applied sealants that are worn, we will fill the grooves with sealants in order to prevent cavities.

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