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All the below content has been written by Dr. Sandip Sachar.

Dentist NYC - Covid-19 Precautions

COVID-19 Office Precautions we are taking:

  1. Medical grade air purifiers with HEPA filters in every room.
  2. New upgraded air-conditioning and ventilation system throughout office.
  3. Social Distancing with adequately spaced out appointments.
  4. Hand sanitizers throughout the office.
  5. Sneeze guards at reception area.
  6. Full PPE gear -N95 masks, gowns, face shields.
  7. High speed evacuation suction for all procedures.
  8. Medical grade disinfectant wipe down of all surfaces.
  9. Strict CDC guidelines are adhered to.

What Our Patients Are Saying....

Best Dentist NYC during COVID 19  "Dr Sachar's office continues to excel, before and during Covid"  - Darren. T, Google

Dentist NYC open in Covid-19  "This Dental practice has always impressed me with it's level of service and cleanliness, so I wasn't surprised to arrive for an appointment to have everything up to new normal standards and protocols. Amy does an excellent job as your Dental Hygienist, taking her time and explaining everything to you. They give a thorough and expert exam." - P.H. Google

Dentist NYC open in Covid-19  "Been going to Sachar Dental for years. Always a great experience with great staff. The extra precautions they've taken due to COVID are top notch and helped settle any nerves or anxiety going to the dentist for the first time since the pandemic started." - A.B. Google

Best Dentist NYC Open in Covid  "I've been going to Sachar Dental for a few years now and they are consistently great. I had really missed being able to go during the lockdown, but I just went back for my first cleaning since they re-opened and not only are they just as great as ever, but they are clearly taking safety precautions super seriously. They took my temperature when I came in, the waiting room was fully set up for social distancing and also had a big hand sanitizer dispenser right in the middle, and they whisked me right into my cleaning and checkup. Everyone is wearing full PPE and I felt super safe and as comfortable as ever. And just as efficient and friendly as ever. Now if I could just get in the habit of flossing... - " K.G. Google

Dentist NYC open in Covid-19  Dr. Sachar and Crew are Awesome. I have always had a terror of dentists since my first visit to a dentist in my small town. Many, Many year later Dr. Sachar and her office has cured me of my terror of dentist. I was afraid of going out during the pandemic but this office is not only extremely safe they get you in and out and on your way. Their work is great. Everyone is caring and very sweet. Never Fear Dr. Sachar and Crew are Here!!! Thank you so much!  - AH Google

Manhattan dentist open  during COVID 19  Dr. Sachar and her staff are so professional, providing cutting-edge dental care. In addition, they are kind and so helpful with scheduling and insurance. They are very Covod-19 aware: air purifiers in every room, staff are masked and also use face shields when close. I felt as safe as it is possible to be in current situation.

Safe dental visits in Covid  A COVID-19 update...

I just came back from my first dental appointment, post-reopening. My May appointment was cancelled, of course, as the office was closed as they were figuring out how to open. This appointment prompted other numerous firsts since March 10th - my first subway trip, my first trip to Manhattan, my first ride in a commercial elevator. While those events caused me some anxiety, I felt the opposite in Dr. Sachar's offices. I felt completely at ease with all of their safety precautions and never felt in any way compromised or at risk.

I was the only patient in the waiting room where they had restricted seating capacity to 2 and installed high plexiglass shields around the front desk. After getting there, I waited only 1 minute and was then called immediately back to the procedure room by my dental hygienist who was wearing an N-95 mask, a face shield, gloves and a hair covering, which appeared to be the standard for any non-office personnel. They also had installed high pressure air vacuums positioned near my face that would suck aerosolized droplets from my mouth/nose. The room had been thoroughly cleaned before I got there and would be upon my leaving. For payment, my CC was taken through a small opening in the plexiglass, wiped down with disinfectant wipes and handed back to me with a tissue.

The only major concern for me are the small elevators that have been limited to 3 people. Personally, I feel the limit should be 2 as the elevators feel about 4 X 6 feet at most. I waited to go up to the office until I could ride solo, @3 minutes. Otherwise, I felt as if I was in a very protected state. Thank you!

I started visiting Dr Sachar's office when I relocated to NYC based on the recommendation of a good friend. I thought I would never replace my awesome dentist in Minneapolis who provided excellent service and a great chair-side manner, but I am happy to say that Dr Sachar's office fills those shoes. Thanks!" - D. S. Google

Dentist NYC: The safety of our patients and staff is our priority!

Dentist NYC in Covid-19
Dentist NYC Covid-19 precautions in Covid-19
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