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All the below content has been written by Dr. Sandip Sachar.

Dental Implants NYC

New York City's Top Rated Dental Implant Specialist

Welcome to Manhattan's premier dental practice for Dental Implants from start to finish! Sachar Dental NYC specializes in dental implants for single or multiple tooth replacement as well as implant supported dentures and 'all-on-4s'.

Read below to see why we are the best NYC Dental Implant Specialists! We dont just place implants, we restore them too! We are a one-stop-shop for all your dental implant treatment! You do not need to go to a different dental practice to complete the crown or denture or bridge over your dental implant (s)! We have dual specialists to make sure all your implant needs can be taken care of in one place.

At Sachar Dental NYC we are proud of our very high success rates and patient satisfaction with dental implants over the last 25 years. Whether you need a single tooth replaced with an implant or multiple teeth replaced with implants or an implant supported denture, we have you covered!

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We have 25+ years of experience in placing Dental Implants in NYC

Experience matters!

With over 25+ years of experience in placing dental implants in NYC, we have pretty much seen it all! We are able to handle even the most complex cases with confidence including cosmetic cases and front teeth, while creating the most natural looking smiles. Our high success rates and 5 star patient reviews online say it all.

Expertise, Experience, Skill, Empathy, Compassion, Care.

Dr Osterman & Dr Sachar

Our philosophy is simple, "We care for our patients the way we would want to be cared for ourselves"Click here for more about our practice philosophy.

Why choose Sachar Dental NYC for your dental implants?

Our dental implant specialist at Sachar Dental NYC is not only skilled and experienced with incredibly high success rates, he is also light handed, gentle and  full of empathy / compassion for our patients. Our raving 5-star reviews online are a testament to this!

He is a dual specialist and as such is able to complete the entire implant treatment process from start to finish seamlessly.

At Sachar Dental NYC it is our goal to make this treatment as comfortable as possible for our patients. Additionally we realize that every patient's needs are unique and attention to detail on our part is important.

We use the highest quality materials and implants at Sachar Dental. We know that the success of implant treatment can depend on this. We do not cut corners and we do not pass on the cost of these highest quality materials to our patients.

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Sachar Dental NYC is rated one of New York City's best dentists!

Sachar Dental NYC rated New York's top dentist

What our patients are saying:

Best Dentist NYC Dental Implants Specialist  My implant at Sachar Dental was a breeze. Painless, seamless and professionally handled by the doctor. The staff is very friendly and accommodating.

Best Dentist NYC for Root Canals  Dr. Sachar and Dr. Osterman are wonderful! I have been seeing them for several years now as I needed extensive repair and treatments for teeth extractions, crowns and implants. They have transformed my smile and I am very grateful for their time and care. - J.B. Google

Top NYC Dental for All-on-4s  Always incredibly professional, friendly and accommodating. - D.T. Google

Sachar Dental NYC for Dental Implants and All on 4s  Excellent. They have done wonders with my teeth. Couldn't be happier. - N.S. Google

Manhattan Dentist Dr Osterman  Clean, professional, kind, and consistent. A very pleasant practice for the sometimes unpleasant necessity of dental work.  - Google

Dental Implants NYC

Dental implants are permanent and convenient solution for replacing missing teeth.  They are an excellent functional and cosmetic way to replace missing teeth. Besides restoring the appearance of your smile, they can restore the function after a tooth is removed.


The term ‘dental implant’ is often used by the layperson to describe a single tooth dental implant that consists of three pieces, an implant, an abutment and a crown.  The actual dental implant is the part that is inserted into the bone.  The part that replaces the tooth that is visible is called the crown.  The crown attaches to the implant using an abutment.

Dental Implants NYC

What are dental implants?

When discussing the terminology related to dental implants, there may be some discrepancy or vagueness.  In medical terminology, the dental implant is only the part that is placed into the bone and does not include the crown or abutment.


Dental implants are used to replace missing teeth. A dental implant is a metallic device that is screwed into the jaw bone that acts as an anchor for a crown to replace a tooth, or an anchor for a bridge or denture to replace multiple teeth.  Multiple teeth can also be replaced with multiple individual implants.

How are dental implants utilized?

A dental implant is made out of metal, usually titanium.  It can be used to anchor a single tooth, a removable denture, or a fixed bridge.

To replace a single tooth, an abutment is placed on top of the implant that serves as an attachment point for a dental crown that looks just like a tooth, and is usually made out of porcelain.  Multiple implants next to each other can be utilized to replace multiple teeth.

A dental implant supported bridge also utilizes the dental implant that is screwed into the bone.  Instead of a crown, a fixed bridge is attached to the abutment and the dental implant.


A dental implant supported denture also utilizes a dental implant that screwed into the bone.  In this case, a removable denture clips onto the implant and can be unclipped to remove for cleaning.

Why would I need dental implants?

There are many reasons why one may lose a tooth.  Whatever the cause for the loss of a tooth, a dental implant is in excellent option to replace the tooth in order to restore the function of chewing, speaking and aesthetics. Tooth loss may occur as a result of:

Picture of before and after dental implants for missing teeth 3 different patients

Alternatives to dental implants include:

  • Single removable flipper tooth
  • Full removable dentures
  • Partial removable dentures
  • Permanent, fixed bridges
  • Doing nothing, living with a missing tooth

What are the benefits of using a dental implant versus living with a missing tooth?

The most obvious benefit of using a dental implant for a missing tooth is aesthetics in order to make one’s smile look normal.  Whenever there is a tooth missing, there exists a risk that the remaining teeth can drift into the place where the tooth is missing.  When the teeth drift after a tooth is removed, this can result in an abnormal bite that may lead to fracturing, or chipping of the teeth.  This can also lead to jaw pain associated with TMJ disorder.  Normally, the adjacent teeth would hold the tooth from moving.  Another benefit of using a dental implant is to improve the efficiency of chewing and jaw function when eating.  When there are missing teeth, the remaining teeth have to bear more forces and load that can lead to trauma of the teeth over time.  Dental implants are also a much more convenient solution than removable flippers or dentures.  And finally, when compared to a fixed bridge, a dental implant does not require filing of the normal adjacent teeth that is required for a bridge.


For all the above reasons, dental implants are a safe and cosmetic way to solve the problem of missing teeth.  Dental implant technology has improved and now provides an economical and permanent way to replace teeth, and to avoid all the problems associated with living with missing teeth.  With that said, at Sachar Dental NYC, we always choose the least invasive procedures and try to save the natural tooth without having to be extracted and replaced with a dental implant.

How is a dental implant inserted into my mouth?

The first step before inserting a dental implant is to perform a tooth extraction to remove the diseased or traumatic tooth.  We will also perform a clinical examination and x-rays to assess the bone.  The bone needs to be strong enough to support the dental implant going forward.  If we determine that the bone is not strong enough to support the dental implant, we will perform an additional procedure such as a sinus lift or a bone graft.  On the same visit sometimes, or subsequent visit sometimes, the implant is then placed into the bone. At Sachar Dental NYC, our implant specialist will decide the timeframe of your treatment.  Some patients may have an extraction, bone graft and insertion of a dental implant on the same visit, or over multiple visits.


The process of getting a dental implant requires multiple visits.  After the implant is placed into the bone, it is allowed to heal before the next visit.  Once we determine that the bone is healed, the implant is then ready to receive a tooth, or multiple teeth attached to it.  We will take x-rays to evaluate the bone healing.  Once we are sure that the bone is healed, we will take a mold that is used to make the crown, bridge or denture.  We will send this mold to our dental laboratory who will fabricate your appliance.


During the course of your implant procedure, for cosmetic reasons, we will provide you with a temporary crown or a flipper to fill the space where the tooth was removed.


Once we receive your permanent teeth replacements from our laboratory, we will have you come in to attach them to the implants.  We will then give you detailed instructions on how to care for your new teeth.

Dental implants NYC

Can I get dental Implants on the same day as my extraction?

Sometimes patients may be a candidate for same-day dental implants at the discretion of our implant specialist.  For some patients, we can perform a tooth extraction and placing a dental implant on the same day.  We can even do a bone graft on the same day as well if it is necessary.  In these cases, our implant specialist will decide if you are a candidate in each individual case.  If we do a same-day implant, sometimes may be able to put a temporary crown on top of the implant also on the same day for cosmetic reasons.  Alternatively, we may give you a flipper for cosmetic reasons.  After the bone is healed, we will then have you come back in to replace the temporary crown with a permanent crown.

What should I expect after a dental implant procedure?

After your first visit, when we insert your dental implant, you may experience discomfort after the anesthesia wears off.  There may be mild swelling and bruising of the area.  We will instruct you to not eat until the anesthesia wears off.  You will be given other specific instructions at the time your visit that are case dependent.


At your next visit you will receive the permanent crown.  If anesthesia was utilized, you will be instructed not to eat anything until the anesthesia wears off.  After the anesthesia wears off, you may return to your normal diet.  We instruct patients to resume their normal at home oral hygiene with flossing and brushing.

How long should my dental implants last?

Dental implants are considered a permanent solution for missing teeth.  They are expected to last many years when done correctly.  At Sachar Dental NYC, our dental implant specialist has over 25 years of experience of placing dental implants for patients in New York City.  We have many patients that remain satisfied with their dental implants for over two decades.

Picture of 6 before and after x-rays of our patients who had dental implants

How do I care for my dental implants?

In order to prevent problems with your dental implant, we recommend that patients continue to perform good oral hygiene at home with flossing and brushing as well as coming in twice per year for your regular dental checkups and professional dental cleanings.

What is the cost of dental implants in Midtown, Manhattan, NYC?

At Sachar Dental NYC, our charge for a dental implant is $2000 per implant.

The abutment and crown is $3,400 additional.  These charges are broken down into separate procedures and billed in intervals over 3-6 months.

The average cost of a dental implant, abutment and crown done by an experienced specialist in New York City ranges from $4,000  to $7,000 per tooth. The total at Sachar Dental NYC is $5400 per tooth.

The cost for dental implants is a covered service by most dental insurance plans, and we always offer payment plan options. We are able to bill patients and their insurances on separate visits.  We will discuss billing in more detail at your consultation.

Does my dental insurance cover the cost of dental implants?

Most PPO dental insurance plans cover the costs of each stage of your dental implant treatment. The dental implant is usually covered at 50%-70% up to the annual maximum. The abutment and crown may be covered at 50-60%. Additionally, tooth extraction and bone graft, when necessary, are often covered up to 80%.  Prior to coming into Sachar Dental NYC, we always check on your dental insurance benefits and inform you as to what your total out-of-pocket costs will be before performing this procedure, or any procedure.  You will only be responsible for your percentage of the costs at the time of your visit.  We will then submit an insurance claim to your insurance company, and collect payment from them directly.

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Can I use flexible spending dollars or a medical savings account for these charges?

Yes, you may be able to use your medical savings accounts or flexible spending dollars to cover charges related to your treatment.  At the time of your service, we will provide you with all the necessary documentation and receipts.

Do you offer payment plans for dental implants?

At Sachar Dental NYC, we offer interest free financing through Lending Club and Care Credit.  In 15 minutes, we will let you know if you are approved for interest-free financing.  These options will enable you to make payments over the next 6-18 months usually without any interest charged.

Why are we the best dentists in NYC for dental implants?

All-on-four dental implants
Sachar Dental NYC

At Sachar Dental NYC, we take great pride in our dental implants.  Our dental implant specialist is uniquely dual specialized in both prosthodontics and implantology.  Unlike most practices, in our practice, the same person places the implant, the abutment and the crown.  Under these circumstances, the specialist is able to visualize the entire procedure from start to finish.  When he places the implant, he is already visualizing the aesthetics of what it will look like when the crown is placed.


We take great pride in our very high success rate, and our very high patient’s satisfaction with their dental implants.  Experience matters, and we have been doing this for over 25 years at Sachar Dental NYC.  As always, at Sachar Dental NYC, we use the least toxic and the highest quality materials.  We always use the best dental laboratory in New York City, which contributes to our high success and satisfaction rate.


Also, at Sachar Dental NYC, we always opt to perform the least invasive procedures possible.  We do not rush into extractions that result in dental implants.  On many occasions, patients have come in expecting to have a tooth extracted, and we were able to save the tooth.

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