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Full Mouth Reconstruction NYC FAQ

Full Mouth Reconstruction NYC FAQ

What does a full mouth reconstruction consist of?

A full mouth reconstruction is a general term used to describe any number of general dental and cosmetic dental procedures that are combined together, in order to achieve the goal of solving dental pathologies and problems, as well as producing an improved looking smile. This goal is unique to each patient.

How much does it cost to fix your whole mouth?

Full mouth reconstructions consist of many different general dental and cosmetic dental procedures that we do. Every individual case is different. Final costs will be determined by how many different procedures need to be done. We will give you a final price of your total out-of-pocket costs at the time of your consultation, before any work is done. Prices usually range from $15,000-$50,000, or more.

How long does a full mouth restoration take?

Because a full mouth reconstruction has so many variables, it is not possible to estimate the exact time it will take for a full mouth reconstruction. A full mouth reconstruction can be done in a few weeks, or may take many months.

Why have a full mouth rehab?

A full mouth reconstruction very often results in a drastic improvement cosmetically as well as solving dental problems. It is amazing how a full mouth reconstruction can really improve your overall dental health, dental function, and dental appearance, and even reverse the signs of aging.

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