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Best Teeth Cleaning in NYC

Sachar Dental NYC - Top NYC Dentist for Teeth Cleaning

Best Teeth Cleaning in NYC  It is hard to find a good dentist in NYC. If you are looking for one, look no further. - Natasha. A, Google

Best Teeth Cleaning NYC  I absolutely love Sachar Dental. Every time I go for my teeth cleaning, it always feels like I am getting the VIP treatment. My hygienist, Amy, always takes great care with my cleaning. Dr. Sachar is wonderful and truly runs a high-end practice. - L.M Google

Best Dentist in NYC for Teeth Cleaning  This is one of the best Dentist in NYC. Finally after three years I was able to find someone who was great. This Dentist office is a pleasure to visit. And the hygienist, is so thorough. She took her time deep cleaning and was into her work, really enjoying it and taking pride in her job. One of the best places. - M.D. Zocdoc

Best Dentist NYC. for Teeth Cleaning  This was my best dentist experience I have had in my life. - Yair. Y, Google

Why the dentists at Sachar Dental NYC are the best dentists in NYC for teeth cleanings?

Dentist NYC for teeth cleaning

Any dental office can perform a dental teeth cleaning, however, at Sachar Dental NYC, we go above and beyond for this simple service. It is quite evident how happy our patients are by the many online 5-star reviews that specifically mention how much they appreciate their dental teeth cleaning at Sachar Dental NYC.


So many patients have told us that their experience with dental teeth cleanings was so much better at Sachar Dental NYC than at their previous dentist’s office. Often, patients comment on how gentle our dental hygienists were, did not hurt them, while also performing such a great teeth cleaning. We always allot an entire hour-long appointment for your dental teeth cleaning and checkup. Our patients never feel rushed and are treated with respect, like part of our family.


All of our registered dental hygienists at Sachar Dental NYC are extremely professional and friendly, and have undergone extensive training. They are experts in performing routine dental teeth cleanings as well as periodontal, dental deep cleanings. We are also very proud to have the latest state-of-the-art equipment in our Midtown Manhattan, New York City dental office. Our dental hygienists use state-of-the-art ultrasonic, high-pressure cleaning equipment that is gentle on the teeth and gums.


They also utilize high-speed suction to ensure a safe working environment for the patients and for themselves.

Best Teeth Cleaning NYC

Children’s teeth cleanings and dental check-ups

At Sachar Dental NYC, we are New York City's best dentists for your whole family. We invite you to bring in your children for pediatric dental checkups and pediatric dental teeth cleanings.  Generally, we treat children ages 7 and up to adulthood, including teenagers. We often make exceptions for younger children if you inquire. In fact, our youngest patient is 2 years old.


Just as in adults, it is important to catch any dental pathology early in your child's mouth. It is also very important for children to have regularly scheduled professional dental teeth cleanings in order to prevent tooth decay and cavities, by the removal of plaque and tartar.

Best Teeth Cleaning in NYC - Sachar Dental

How much is a dental teeth cleaning in NYC?

At Sachar dental NYC, our charge for a dental teeth cleaning is $195. Most PPO dental insurances will cover this at 100%. For patients with insurance that we accept, we will submit the claim for you, and we get paid directly from the insurance company so that our patients do not have to pay anything for services upfront.

Will my dental insurance cover Teeth Cleanings?

Most PPO dental plans cover teeth cleaning twice a year at 100%. Some insurances cover teeth cleaning 4 times a year. They also cover dental examinations twice a year at 100%. For patients with insurance that we accept, we will submit the billing claim for your examination and cleaning directly to the insurance company, and get paid directly from them so that our patients do not have to pay anything for services upfront. Additionally, medically necessary x-rays also covered at 100% from your insurance.

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