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All the below content has been written by Dr. Sandip Sachar.

Dentist NYC - Our Team at Sachar Dental

Dentist NYC - Dr. Sachar with her team of dental assistants and administrative staff all smiling at Sachar Dental

From your first visit to Sachar Dental NYC, our talented team will make you feel like you are part of the Sachar Dental Family.

What our patients are saying.....

Top Dentist NYC    Excellent staff, friendly, professional. Wonderful dentist! - E.S. Zocdoc

Top Dentist NYC     Amazing staff! Knowledgeable, very thorough and friendly. - I.R. Google

Top Dentist NYC     Possibly the nicest office, with every single person I spoke to. Great visit, great advice. Highly recommended.-  Zocdoc

Top Dentist NYC     Best dentist ever! From the front desk to the hygienists to the doctors, everyone is wonderful, and I've gotten excellent care, fast responses, hardly have any wait time. - RW Google

Top Dentist NYC     The doctor was great, but it's the terrific hygienists and receptionists that make this practice really fantastic. - Zocdoc

Top Dentist NYC     I love this office. I was referred by a former colleague that highly recommended them. The staff is extremely warm and inviting. - Z.C. Google

Keisha 04 W300


Office Manager

Keisha has been in the dental field for over 16 years.  As all of our patients know, Keisha is always friendly, always happy and always smiling! Keisha’s attention to detail, ability to multi-task and exceptional customer service contributes to her amazing ability to run an efficient yet friendly office.

Keisha greets every patient with a warm welcome and her passion to help people is always evident in her interactions. Her philosophy is to exceed patients’ expectations. Whether the task is to complete a treatment plan and schedule, or to ensure financial arrangements are satisfied, Keisha is always knowledgeable and helpful. As the office manager, she oversees our entire team, and her goal is make sure the office runs smoothly, and every patient leaves happy and smiling.

Amy 04 W300


Head Dental Hygienist

Amy graduated from the College of Dentistry at New York University with a Dental Hygiene degree. She has received advanced training and certification to administer local anesthetics. She also has a Masters Degree in Public Health Education.


During her undergrad work, Amy gravitated toward dentistry for the opportunity to truly help people and create beautiful, healthy smiles. As a healthcare professional, she always knew her calling was to serve people and develop lasting relationships by promoting health through dental hygiene care.


Amy has a gentle touch and takes pride in performing pain free cleanings for children and adults. Her regular patients often comment on how amazed they are that their dental cleanings are always comfortable, and stress free.


It is evident in Amy’s interactions with patients that she truly cares about them. She spends time explaining and educating her patients about their oral health and home care. She is always compassionate and friendly and makes her patients feel safe and comfortable in her care.

Paola p01 v04


Dental Hygienist

Paola graduated from the New York City College of Technology with an associate of applied science in dental hygiene. Paola has 15 years of experience working closely with a top periodontist/ gum specialist in NYC.


Her mission is to provide comprehensive dental care with a gentle touch. She has excellent bed-side manner and is soft spoken. She truly cares about her patients and it shows in her work every day.


With over 15 years of experience as a dental hygienist, Paola has found great satisfaction in her career choice.


Paola takes great pride in her patient's satisfaction for adults and children's cleanings.  Many patients have commented how she has performed pain free cleanings and always does so with a smile.


She has taken many continuing education courses over the years including infection control, oral cancer screening, gum and bone therapy, periodontal treatment and many others.


When she is not working, Paola enjoys cooking and gardening.

Anna 04 W300


Dental Hygienist

Anna graduated from CUNY City College of Technology Dental Hygiene School with a degree in Dental Hygiene. There, she also received her certification to administer local anesthetics. Anna has always been passionate about health, nutrition and fitness and has completed multiple certifications in these fields. This allows her to incorporate the importance of our patients’ general health along with their oral health.


Anna is gentle and empathetic to her patients while providing a thorough cleaning. Many patients comment on how her gentle touch results in pain free cleanings, especially compared to their prior experiences at other offices.


Her passion for health also is evident when she provides education to all of her patients about dental health and hygiene. Seeing great improvement in her patients’ dental habits and oral hygiene is incredibly rewarding for Anna.  She prides herself in her work ethic and her passion to help patients.

Lucia 03 W300


Dental Assistant

Lucia is a foreign-trained dentist from the Dominican Republic and decided to continue her work in the field of dentistry in the United States as a dental assistant. Lucia is highly skilled, and perhaps over qualified for her position as a dental assistant, but she absolutely loves her job! She has been working with Dr. Sachar since 2002.


Lucia’s knowledge and skill are quite evident to our patients as she assists our general dentist and specialists.


Lucia is soft-spoken, kind, caring and is passionate about helping patients and putting them at ease. Her extensive knowledge of dentistry is apparent to all of our existing patients. We assure you, that you'll always see her smiling.

Tinie v03 W300


Dental Assistant

Tinnie is a foreign trained dentist from the Philippines and has chosen to continue her work in the dental field in the United States as a dental assistant. She is perhaps over qualified for her job title, but she enjoys being able to continue her passion for dentistry!


Tinnie’s skill and expertise is evident to our patients as she assists our general dentists and specialists.


Tinnie has excellent bedside manner and her compassion is quite evident. She is soft spoken, kind, caring and friendly. She easily bonds with patients. Clinically she is highly skilled, and has a gentle touch.

Angie 04 W300


Dental Assistant

Angie is a foreign trained dentist from the Philippines. She may be over qualified for her role as a dental assistant, but she is very happy to be able to continue to assist in dental care in the United States.


Angie’s ability, knowledge and skill in the field of cosmetic dentistry are evident in her ability to assist our cosmetic dentists and cosmetic specialists. She has an amazing attention to detail in her lab work and facilitates our impeccable cosmetic outcomes.


In addition to assisting with cosmetic dentistry, she is also amazingly skilled at assisting with general dentistry and surgery.


She has a great bedside manner and is kind, caring and empathetic.

Ashley p01 v05


Financial Coordinator

Ashley is our financial coordinator at Sachar Dental. She is very knowledgeable in the field of insurance benefits, financing and flexible spending. She almost always has a solution to this complicated task of financing our patients care. She has an amazing ability to explain the often misunderstood insurance benefits so that our patients completely understand how their plans work.


She's soft spoken and polite and always has a smile on her face. She specializes in helping patients take advantage of their dental insurance benefits and makes the billing process easy, seamless and without stress.

Emma p01 v02


Treatment Coordinator

Emma is truly a people person, which makes her the ideal treatment coordinator for Sachar Dental. She is friendly and kind while tending to the critical task of getting patients scheduled for the treatment they need. Her knowledge and friendly demeanor take the stress out of the scheduling and the treatment planning process.


Emma is passionate about helping people and always is helpful in the coordination of dental care by making it stress free. You can be sure she will always greet you with a smile, and she will always be available to help with any questions or concerns.

Nitza P01 V03


Insurance Coordinator

Nitza is our insurance expert! Dental insurance can be a hard to understand subject, even for the most knowledgeable individuals. Nitza truly understands how insurance plans work.  Our patients appreciate her efforts to collect on their behalf from their insurance carriers directly. She takes the stress out of dealing with insurance companies so our patients don’t have to worry about it, and our doctors can complete their dental care in an efficient manner.


She helps our patients with their insurance needs in order to make their payment process seamless, easy and simple. Nitza knows how to help patients maximize their insurance benefits as well as collect the insurance portion of patient bills from the insurance company directly.

Samantha P01 V02


Scheduling Coordinator

Samantha is an extremly organized person. This helps her to excel at her job of assisting our patients to organize their schedules.


Our patients return at least every six months for routine dental cleanings and check-ups. It's easy to fall behind in your dental cleaning schedule and that's where Samantha helps out our patients. She takes responsibility to remind our patients of when it's their time to come in.  Samantha has been known to send out and reply to hundreds of emails each week to assist our patients with scheduling.


She is always cheerful and friendly, and will never push or annoy patients while still staying on top of her challenging job of helping our busy New York City patients to organize their dental appointments.

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