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Porcelain Crowns NYC FAQ

Cosmetic dentist answers frequently asked questions about porcelain crowns in New York City

How much does a porcelain crown cost?

The one-time fee for a porcelain crown is $1,800. This cost covers both visits necessary to prepare the tooth on the first visit, and to permanently bond the porcelain crown on the second visit.

Are porcelain crowns good?

Porcelain crowns provide a natural look matching the surrounding teeth in shape, color and size. They are the best option especially for front teeth restorations.

Due porcelain crowns ruin your teeth?

In order to permanently bond a porcelain crown to a natural tooth, it is necessary to file off a small amount of the natural tooth.

Are porcelain crowns as strong as teeth?

Porcelain crowns are nearly as strong as the natural teeth enamel. For cosmetic reasons, the front teeth utilize porcelain only crowns. In the rear of the mouth, where more strength is necessary for chewing, porcelain is placed over metal. In the front of the mouth, the porcelain alone usually has enough strength to handle the load of chewing.

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