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All the below content has been written by Dr. Sandip Sachar. 

NYC Dentist for Teeth Cleaning

Why are we the best dentists in NYC for dental teeth cleanings and check-ups?

Any dental office can provide you with a dental cleaning.  However, at Sachar Dental NYC, we take great pride in excelling above and beyond when it comes our cleanings.  It all starts with our professional dental hygienists.  All of our dental hygienist and had extensive training in the diagnosis and treatment of gum diseases.  It is quite evident that they are very passionate about the career choice.  Just like our practice philosophy, they strongly believe that prevention is better than treatment.  Many of our patients comment on how thorough our hygienists are, and how much time they spend cleaning their teeth. All of our hygienists have had extensive training on how to perform cleanings painless as possible.

The American dental Association (ADA) recommends having a professional cleaning for your teeth twice a year.  We strictly follow this guideline having patients, at least twice a year.  Patients that have gum disease, or have had gum disease in the past, are recommended to come in every 3 months.  In addition, for patients that do not like to floss regularly, we recommend that they come in every 3 months in lieu of daily flossing.

We are also very proud to have the latest state of the art equipment in our Midtown Manhattan New York City dental office.  When it comes to high-tech cleanings, our dental hygienist use state of the art ultrasonic, high-pressure cleaning equipment.  Additionally, all of our hygienists are extremely professional and friendly.  We treat our patients like family.  We have had many patients coming back at least twice a year for twenty years.  Our hygienists spend an exceptional amount of time educating our patients on how to take care of their oral health at home, with instructions on proper brushing and flossing.

At the end of every cleaning, our hygienists polish the teeth to remove any stains.

Dental check-ups 

In addition to the ADA recommending cleanings twice a year, they also recommend having a dentist perform a clinical examination twice a year.  One can be experiencing dental problems and oral disease without any symptoms present.  Therefore, a dentist may identify a problem during a normally scheduled biannual examination that a patient had no indications or symptoms of its presence.  Tooth decay and oral disease can progress very quickly in a short period of time if left untreated.  By having examinations performed twice a year, we can catch these problems early, and treat them with preventative measures instead of the need for invasive procedures.  As always at Sachar Dental NYC, our philosophy is to prevent problems, rather than treat them. We always perform the least invasive and most conservative approach to all of our dental care.

All of our dentists perform very thorough examinations.  We spend a lot of time with our patients in order to identify any and all problems that exist.  Our dentists are very meticulous in their process of performing the examination.  They go through a mental checklist of each individual component of the exam to ensure that nothing is missed, and they follow this every single time.

During the examination the dentists examine each individual tooth separately for cavities, cracks, fracture, tooth decay, and wear.  We also examine the gums for inflammation, infection or other gum disease.  We examine each gum pocket, and all existing previous dental procedures such as fillings, crowns and any other previously performed treatments.  We examine the jaw bone and the temporomandibular joint (TMJ).  We check the alignment of the bite.  We also do an oral cancer screening.

State of the art high-tech digital x-rays

The ADA recommends having dental x-rays performed twice a year.  At Sachar Dental NYC, our philosophy is to do x-rays only once a year and more if it becomes necessary due to dental problems, and also more for high risk patients.  Although our state of the art, high-tech digital dental x-ray units put out very little radiation, our philosophy is to avoid exposure to radiation as much as possible.  Dental x-rays are important in order to identify problems that cannot be seen by our dentists during their clinical examination.

Although the ADA recommends x-rays to be performed twice a year, At Sachar Dental our philosophy is to x-rays only once a year.  If it becomes necessary to do x-rays more often due to dental problems, or for high risk patients, we can do them more often.  However, our philosophy is to reduce the amount of exposure to radiation even though our new digital x-rays put out very little radiation.  Digital x-rays allow the dentists to identify problems that cannot be seen during a clinical examination by itself.

Why get a dental teeth cleaning twice a year?

At Sachar Dental NYC, we follow the American Dental Association (ADA) guidelines to recommend that our patients come in twice a year for dental cleanings and dental checkups.

Many problems can be diagnosed during a regular checkup and cleaning visit.  Catching problems early allow us to perform prevention instead of letting problems progress to the point where they need more invasive procedures.  Preventative medicine will help avoid potentially more serious dental problems and more invasive procedures that can get costly.

Skipping professional dental cleanings can lead to bad breath and poor oral hygiene which may have serious implications on overall health, including cardiovascular health.

Regular cleanings significantly reduce the number of bacteria found within the mouth.  Bacteria between the teeth and under the gums can lead to tooth decay, cavities and gum disease.  Gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss.

Additionally, by catching problems early one can avoid problems that affect the appearance of the teeth and smile.  Prevention can reduce the need for cosmetic dentistry procedures that can become very invasive and costly.

And finally, there are many studies that show having biannual dental checkups and cleanings lead to healthier teeth, bone and gums in the long-term.

Dentist NYC Picture of before and after dental cleaning with plaque and tartar removed

Picture Description:

The above picture shows teeth before and after a professional dental cleaning.  In the first picture, you can see the yellow areas that are buildup of tartar, and the white areas that are plaque.  In the second picture you can see the plaque and tartar of both gone.  It is normal for the gums to bleed and appear red after cleaning. The gums will heal in 24-48 hours after cleaning.

What to expect on your first visit as a new patient to Sachar Dental NYC for a checkup and cleaning

The first thing patients comment on when they come to Sachar Dental NYC, is how friendly and thorough our front desk staff is.  Every patient is treated with respect and greeted with a big smile.  Our staff will go over your intake information and medical history.

We almost always run on time and keep our appointment scheduled.  You will be seated in the dental chair by the hygienist on time. 

Once in the exam room, our well-trained and skilled hygienists will start with going over your medical and dental history.  They will ask about any existing medical conditions that may impact treatment. 

All new patient visits start with taking digital x-rays of all the teeth and jaw bones. X-rays allow us to see pathology that may not be visible in our clinical examination.  If you have had x-rays performed recently, we ask that you have your x-rays sent to our office.  If you cannot get them, we will recommend repeating them.  However, our philosophy is to reduce the amount of radiation exposure at all times, even though our digital x-rays are safe, and do not produce much radiation.

The rest of the new patient visit is very similar to our follow-up visits described below.   

What to expect during your regular hygiene and checkup visit at Sachar Dental NYC.

When you first enter our dental practice, you will be greeted by our front desk staff with a smile.  We respect that your time is important, and we almost always run on schedule.  Many patients have commented on how much they appreciate this.

Our dental hygienist will go over your chart history prior to taking you back into the exam room.  Continuity of care is very important to us. Therefore, we always review the details of your previous visits each time you return.  This allows us to note any changes currently compared to previous findings allowing for more thorough diagnosis, and pertinent treatment. 

You will be escorted to the treatment room by one of our skilled hygienists.  Our hygienists will ask you if anything has changed in your medical history, your medications, or anything else.  They will also ask you if you have any new dental complaints that you would like to be addressed, such as new onset of pain, sensitivity or anything else.

The hygienists will then perform their clinical examination of the teeth and gums and compare that to your previous visit.  If there were gum pockets present previously, we will measure them again and compare them to the last measurements, giving us an objective comparison of their progression. This allows us to determine the treatment going forward. This evaluation of the gums and bone is called a periodontal examination

They will next evaluate for signs of wear and tear on the teeth and gums.  They will evaluate for any new, or changes in gum recession.  When necessary, they will perform digital dental x-rays.  While the American Dental Association (ADA) recommends performing x-rays twice a year, at Sachar Dental NYC, our philosophy is to reduce the amount of radiation, and perform x-rays once a year, even though our new digital x-rays produce very little radiation exposure to the patient.  For high risk patients, and patients with any significant pathology, we will perform x-rays more often than once a year.

The hygienists will start performing their cleaning.  They will meticulously clean each tooth individually and between the teeth, and flush under the gums.  They work around the mouth in a systematic order such that nothing is missed.  Our hygienists all have been trained to perform cleanings as painlessly as possible, and have a gentle touch.  For patients that are extra sensitive, we allow the option of using a topical anesthesia providing even more comfort.

During our cleanings, our hygienists will remove plaque and tartar that has formed on and between the teeth.  They will flush under the gums with a high-pressure water jet.  The last step of the cleaning process is to polish the teeth to remove any stains.

After our thorough cleaning is done our hygienists will spend time discussing your home care including proper flossing and brushing techniques, and schedules.  One of the many unique aspects at Sachar Dental NYC is that we are realistic.  We understand that many patients, from our experience, do not like to floss, and do not adhere to a regimented schedule of flossing.  For these patients, we recognize that they do not floss as often as they should, and we recommend that they come in every three months instead over every six months for cleaning in lieu of a daily flossing schedule.

After our hygienists are done with your cleaning and education on home care, the dentist will come to see you.  The dentist will perform a thorough examination including inspection of each individual tooth, the gums, the bones and perform a screening oral cancer.  If they find any pathology during the examination, the dentist will discuss treatment options with you, and devise a plan.  Depending on the severity of the pathology found, they will either recommends performing a procedure to fix the pathology now, or schedule you to come back for an additional visit soon.  There will also discuss with you whether you should come back in three or six months for your next cleaning.

Important terminology regarding dental cleanings in New York City

The following is a list and description of terms one may hear when discussing dental cleanings.  In no particular order, it is important to understand these terms.

Tartar - Tartar is a hard substance found on and between the teeth that consists of food particles that have hardened over time and adhered to the tooth surface.  It also contained bacteria and will cause inflammation of the gums.  Tartar cannot be removed with a toothbrush nor floss alone.  This requires a professional dental cleaning to be removed with our instruments.

Calculus - Calculus is another name for Tartar.

Plaque - plaque is a light-colored, mushy substance that forms on and between the teeth.  A consists of food particles and bacteria and eventually will harden to Tartar.  While plaque can be removed with flossing and brushing, it usually accumulates in areas that are hard to get to with a toothbrush and floss.  Any plaque that remains after flossing and brushing will be removed in your professional dental cleaning.  Over time, plaque is responsible for causing tooth decay and gum inflammation.

Gingivitis - Gingivitis is a term for inflammation of the gums.  Inflammation of gums is caused by an accumulation of bacteria, plaque and tartar.  Normally, healthy gums do not bleed under while flossing and brushing.  Bleeding while flossing and brushing is a sign of gingivitis or infection of the gums.  Gingivitis is the first stage of gum disease also known as periodontal disease.  When treated early, periodontal or gum disease can be reversed.

Periodontitis - Periodontitis is a term for infection of the gums and bone.  This occurs when bacteria penetrates deep under the gums and starts to erode the bone that holds the roots of the teeth.  If diagnosed early, this can be treated and avoid the potential for erosion of bone and eventual loss of teeth.  Periodontitis is the number one cause of tooth loss.  Usually, periodontitis does not cause any pain and can be missed.  Therefore, it is very important to maintain a schedule of having a checkup every 6 months.

Gum pockets - A gum pocket is the space between the root of the tooth and the gum.  Normally it is not deeper than 3 mm in healthy gums.  When bacteria get inside, it can become deeper than 3 mm.  This allows bacteria to harbor under the gums and cause gum disease or periodontal disease.

Dental Cleaning - A dental cleaning is a procedure that allows a dentist or a dental hygienist to remove plaque and tartar on the teeth and between them as well as below the gums.  It can be done manually with a hand scaler, or using an ultrasonic high-pressure water jet scaler.  It is a superficial cleaning of the gums that does not penetrate more than 3 mm under the gums.

Deep Cleaning - When plaque and bacteria are found to be deeper than 3 mm within the gum pockets between the tooth root and the gum, it is not possible to remove this with just a simple cleaning.  A deep cleaning is required.  A deep cleaning is similar to a simple cleaning, however, in order to get deeper within the gum, it is necessary to use anesthesia.  This allows us to get deeper into the gums while still being comfortable for the patient.  It allows us to remove plaque and tartar that are deep within the root of the tooth and the gum.

Prophylaxis - Prophylaxis is another word for dental cleaning.  A cleaning is a prevention to prevent gum diseases and tooth decay.

Scaler - a scaler is a dental instrument that is utilized to scrape plaque and tartar off of the teeth and from between them.  It is also utilized to remove plaque from under the gums.

Cavitron - A Cavitron is a medical device that is used to assisting in cleaning teeth.  It utilizes ultrasonic scalers with high-pressure water to remove plaque and tartar from teeth and between them.  It also gently flushes under the gums.

Prophy paste - Prophy paste is the polishing powder that is utilized to remove staining from the teeth.  It is applied with a high-speed spinning brush. 

How much time will a dental teeth cleaning and dental checkup appointment take?

At Sachar Dental NYC, we always allocate one hour for an appointment for a dental cleaning and dental checkup.  We always want to be sure that we are not rushed through your appointment.  This way, we can take as much time as it needs to be thorough and perform the services and examination to the best of our ability.  By not rushing, we ensure that your cleaning is done properly, and done without discomfort or pain.

The dental cleaning part of your cleaning and checkup appointment may take between 30 and 45 minutes depending on the amount of plaque and tartar buildup that is observed.  The remaining part of your 1-hour appointment will include the home care instructions, evaluation and clinical examination by the dentist, and answering any questions or concerns that you may have.  Many of our patients have commented that they appreciate the longer period of time that we spend with our patients.  Many patients have commented that compared to their previous experiences with other dental practices, their cleaning at Sachar Dental NYC felt more thorough.  They have also stated that their exam at our practice did not feel rushed, and in general they appreciated the amount of time that was given to them. 

What is the cost of a dental teeth cleaning in New York City?

At Sachar dental NYC, our charge for a dental cleaning is $180.  Most PPO dental insurances cover this at 100%.  For patients with insurance that we accept, we will submit the claim for you, and we get paid directly from the insurance company so that our patients do not have to pay anything for services upfront. 

Does my dental insurance cover Teeth Cleanings?

Most PPO dental plans cover teeth cleaning twice a year at 100%.  Some insurances cover teeth cleaning 4 times a year. They also cover dental examinations twice a year at 100%.  For patients with insurance that we accept, we will submit the billing claim for your examination and cleaning directly to the insurance company, and get paid directly from them so that our patients do not have to pay anything for services upfront.  Additionally, medically necessary x-rays also covered at 100% from your insurance. For a list of insurances that we accept, please see our insurance page on this website. 

What is the difference between a regular Teeth Dental Cleaning and a Deep Cleaning?

Dentist NYC Picture showing a healthy tooth and a tooth with a gum disease that needs a deep cleaning.  Arrows for deep gum pockets, inflamed gums and plaque & tartar.There are two types of dental cleanings.  Prophylaxis and deep cleaning.

Prophylaxis is a regular dental cleaning which is performed every six months, along with the regular dental checkup. A regular dental cleaning is performed by a dentist or hygienist in order to remove plaque and tartar that form on, and between the teeth, and under the gums that cannot be removed with flossing and brushing alone.  Occasionally, at Sachar Dental NYC, we recommend patient come in four times per year, instead of twice per year.  These patients have been treated in the past or are currently being treated for periodontal disease.  Also, people who do not like to floss on a regular daily basis come in four times a year for a dental cleaning in lieu of flossing at a more regular daily interval.

A deep cleaning is performed when we note bacteria to be deeper than 3 mm within the gum pockets, indicating periodontal disease.  A deep cleaning is the first step in the treatment of periodontal disease.  Often, a deep cleaning alone can reverse periodontal disease if caught early.

When a patient comes in for a checkup and we note that there is bacteria greater than 3 mm deep within the gums, a deep cleaning is recommended.  A deep cleaning differs from a routine cleaning in that is done under anesthesia to make it more comfortable for the patient.  This allows us to get deeper within the gums to remove bacteria, plaque and tartar.  For more severe cases of periodontal disease, after deep cleaning, we will inject antibiotics into the gum pockets.  This is an injection of Arestin (Minocycline).  

Left untreated, periodontal disease can result in the loss of bone and eventually loss of teeth.  Additionally, left untreated, bacteria from deep within the gums can spread into the blood and eventually into other organs of the body.  It has been associated with cardiovascular disease and cancer.  Once you have had a deep cleaning, we recommend that you have regular cleanings every 3 months going forward.  

After deep cleaning, we re-evaluate your gums at follow-up visits.  If we note that the gum pockets do not return to normal, we will recommend that you come in to see our periodontal specialist.  Our periodontal specialist will evaluate you and determine whether or not you need to have a more aggressive periodontal treatment plan.  At Sachar Dental NYC, we are 1-stop-shop for all your dental needs.  Our periodontal specialist is one of the top periodontists in Manhattan.

Picture Description:

The above picture shows a healthy tooth with healthy gums in the top picture.  The bottom picture shows a tooth and gums with periodontal disease (gum disease).  This tooth has deep gum pockets, accumulation of plaque and tartar on the tooth and under the gums, as well as inflamed gums  This tooth requires a deep dental cleaning.  This allows us to remove plaque and tartar on the tooth and under the gums.

How often should I have dental Teeth Cleaning?

The American dental Association (ADA), recommends having a dental cleaning twice a year, or every six months.  Along with a dental cleaning every six months, they also recommend having a dental checkup every six months. For patients that have had treatment for periodontal disease, or currently have periodontal disease, the ADA recommends having a dental cleaning four times a year.  In our experience at Sachar dental NYC, we had many patients that do not like to floss as recommended daily.  For these patients, in order to maintain the health of their teeth and gums, we recommend that they come in four times per year for dental cleanings, in lieu of flossing every day.  

How can I prevent tooth decay and cavities?

The best way to prevent tooth decay and cavities, is to follow a simple regimen of brushing, flossing, healthy diet and regular visits to our dentists.  

The American dental Association (ADA), recommends brushing your teeth twice a day with a soft bristle toothbrush and flossing once a day.

A healthy diet consisting good oral health.  We recommend a diet that is low in simple sugars and high in fruits and vegetables.

The best way to prevent oral problems including cavities and tooth decay, is by having regular cleanings by a dental professional twice a year along with a dental checkup twice a year. 

How to brush your teeth and floss correctly

Most people know that is recommended to brush your teeth at least twice a day and floss once a day.  The proper technique for brushing involved using a soft bristle toothbrush angled toward the gums with light pressure, and in soft gentle circles.  A proper brushing should take you two to three minutes.  In order to properly remove plaque, it is important to brush long enough however not too hard.  A common misconception is that if you brush harder, should taking last time.  This is not true and can lead to gum recession, and toothbrush abrasion of the enamel.

It is not possible for toothbrush to remove all the plaque from between the teeth due to the tight spaces, nor from under the gums.  Therefore, flossing is important part of your home oral care.  Flossing should be done at least once a day.

The proper method to floss is as follows: grab a length of dental floss tightly between two fingers.  Get the floss in between the teeth and under the gums and move the floss up and down with pressure against each tooth and root surface to remove all the plaque.  Be sure to get both teeth in each space.  You can start in one area of the mouth, for example the upper right side, move across to the upper left side, then go to the bottom and move across the bottom. 

Should I get dental teeth cleanings during pregnancy?

The short answer to this question, is yes.  During pregnancy, your hormones can fluctuate which may cause the gums to become inflamed and bleed easily.  This is known as “pregnancy gingivitis”.  During this time, is important to have the gums flushed with regular dental cleanings every 3-4 months to prevent problems.  Untreated pregnancy gingivitis has been associated with premature birth and low birth weight in babies.  The gums normally return to normal after delivery of the baby.  If you are pregnant, we recommend that you continue to get your dental cleanings.  During pregnancy, we will not perform any x-rays and we avoid the use of local anesthetics. 

The connection between diabetes and gum disease

People who suffer from diabetes are at a greater risk of gum disease than patients that do not have diabetes.  Also, the progression of gum disease tends to be much more rapid and aggressive in patients with uncontrolled diabetes. Therefore, it is even more important in diabetic patients to come see us if they notice that their gums are bleeding when the brush or floss.  This is an early sign of periodontal disease that needs to be addressed.  Left untreated, in uncontrolled diabetics, this periodontal disease can spread very quickly leading to loss of bone and loss of teeth. 

Is there a link between gum disease and heart disease?

The short answer to this question is, yes.  Research has shown that having untreated gum disease may put you at a greater risk of having coronary artery disease.  Bacteria found under the gums can spread into the bloodstream and make its way to the heart, resulting in coronary artery disease.  Therefore, it is very important to address gum disease in the early stages to prevent this.  If you notice that your gums bleed when you brush or floss, it is important to come see us so that we can evaluate and treat periodontal disease in its early stages.

What Our Patients Are Saying....

Best Dentist NYC picture of 5 star review"I had a cleaning, a deep cleaning, and a cavity taken care of. Everybody was wonderful and friendly, from the receptionists to the hygienist and the dentist. They did everything they could to make me feel comfortable -- and it really worked! I've never had such a pleasant experience! I was especially afraid of the deep cleaning, since I had never had one before, but it was totally painless. I also really appreciate that they took the time to explain to me in detail why I needed a deep cleaning."  Zocdoc 

Best Dentist NYC picture of 5 star review"The nicest and most thorough dentist I've ever encountered. Service was relatively prompt too. I would recommend her to all my friends." J.H Zocdoc 

Best Dentist NYC picture of 5 star review"I've been going to Sachar Dental for 9 years now. Everyone there is great, and Dr. Sachar sets the tone for a great office. Always such a friendly place to visit." C.B. Zocdoc

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