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NYC Dentist - Dr. Sandip Sachar

Top NYC dentist, Dr. Sandip Sachar, is the founder and owner of Sachar Dental NYC.  For her complete bio, including details of her dental education, dental residency training, post graduate Advanced Dental Education, and work history, click here for her descriptive page.

Dentist NYC - Dr. Sandip Sachar DDS.

NYC Dentist: Dr. Sandip Sachar, DDS - Founder & Owner, Sachar Dental NYC

What patients are saying about Dr. Sachar....

Dentist NYC - Manhattan Dentist  "I've been to numerous dentists and doctors over the years. Dr. Sachar is, by far, the best dental / medical professional that I have come across. She takes the time to discuss and educate her patients on the best possible course of action. Dr. Sachar genuinely cares about her patients and takes tremendous pride in her work. It is extremely rare to see this in today's medical/dental profession." - R.J. Google

Dentist NYC at Sachar Dental NYC  "Friendly, courteous, professional, prompt, cozy: these apply to the dentist and her staff. This dentist will change the way you view dental visits!" - Darren. T. Google

Top NYC Dentist Dr Sandip Sachar  "I was thoroughly impressed by her level of professionalism, respect, and skill." - K .L. Google

Dentist NYC - Dr Sandip Sachar  "She was amazingly patient, a good listener, careful, smart, all around a great dentist" - Zocdoc

NYC Dentist: Dr. Sachar’s story

This narrative will tell the story of how Dr. Sachar started and grew Sachar Dental NYC to be the large, successful, and beloved NYC dental practice that it is today. For her bio / dental training Click here.

Dr. Sandip Sachar, the early years

Her first dental job

After finishing dental school and undergoing extensive dental residency training, Dr. Sachar started practicing as an associate NYC dentist in Midtown Manhattan, New York City. Her first job out of dental residency was in a private practice in NYC. She set a record for the shortest length employment to date. Her first day on the job, was the day that she quit this job.


Dr. Sachar started treating a young female patient. She was instructed by her dentist boss to perform a procedure that entails drilling down her patient’s 6 natural healthy teeth in order to insert a bridge. Having undergone extensive dental training, Dr. Sachar did not feel right performing this procedure when there were alternatives that could save the patient’s 6 natural teeth. She discussed this alternative treatment with her patient who then told Dr. Sachar that she was confused. The other dentist had already informed her that she will be having her 6 teeth drilled down in order to get her bridge. She was not given any alternative treatment options prior.  When Dr. Sachar’s boss discovered that Dr. Sachar wanted to change the treatment plan, he intervened. He informed Dr. Sachar that she was not to make decisions but rather just follow his instructions.

Top Dentist NYC - Dr Sandip Sachar with a patient

“I quit”

At this point, Dr. Sachar decided that her ethics and morals were much more important than this job. She did not treat the patient and informed her boss that she would no longer be working there. Her first day, was her last day.

Dr. Sachar’s second dental job, a complete 180

Dr. Sachar’s second job after her dental training was a complete 180° change from her first job. Dr. Sachar loved this job. She established herself with an excellent reputation within the community of her patients. Her patients loved her, and she loved them. Her new boss was kind and generous, and was like a mentor to her. She was allowed, and encouraged, to make medical decisions that were aligned with her ethics, morals and medical training.


While this sounds like a dream job, there was only one problem. This dental clinic was contracted with insurances that would dictate what treatments a dentist could perform, and be reimbursed for. Many of these insurance contracts unfortunately limited the dentist’s ability to perform all available treatment options, or would not allow a dentist to use all available dental materials.


At the time of her employment in this clinic, these insurance contracts would dictate that Dr. Sachar could not perform procedures that would save a tooth, rather than extracting it. For example, they would not pay for a root canal procedure. A root canal procedure can enable a dentist to save a badly decayed and/or infected tooth, rather than extracting it. However, these insurance contracts would agree to pay only for a tooth extraction.

Dentist NYC Dr Sachar with a patient

Dr. Sachar’s philosophy has always been to save as much of the natural teeth as possible for her patients. She was very frustrated in this job that would not allow her to practice exactly like she wanted to. In some cases, Dr. Sachar was able to convince her patients to pay the extra money, in order to have a root canal, and not extract the tooth. Unfortunately, in many cases, her patients opted for the tooth extraction because that is all the insurance would pay for. For these patients, against her beliefs, she was forced to give these patients a referral to an oral surgeon to extract the tooth. Root canals are only one example of many similar situations that Dr. Sachar encountered in this clinic.

Dr. Sachar’s third job

Dr. Sachar’s next job found her in a very busy practice in Midtown Manhattan. This dental clinic was one that also accepted many insurances but was not 'contracted' with all of them, allowing the dentists for more discretion to make decisions about procedures utilized in their patient's care as well as the ability to use a greater range of dental materials.

Dr. Sachar has always been extremely empathetic, and caring about her patients treatment. After procedures, she would have them follow up regularly in order to monitor their progress and intervene when necessary to ensure that their dental care went well. After a short amount of time, a conflict arose with her boss when Dr. Sachar would bring her patients back regularly for follow-ups, after their dental procedures. With the above-mentioned insurances, follow-up visits were not reimbursed, and hence, not profitable.

Dr. Sachar’s boss took her aside and informed her that she could not perform these regular follow-ups with her patients after procedures. He informed her that she was not using their time efficiently in order to make a profit. After this conversation, Dr. Sachar decided to leave this job.

Best Dentist NYC Dr Sachar with her dental assistant

How Sachar Dental NYC was started

After the above experiences, Dr. Sachar came to a conclusion. “If I want to treat patients the way I want to treat them, and if I want them to get the care that I would want for myself or my family, then I must start my own practice.” In 2002, Sachar Dental NYC became a reality to fulfill Dr. Sachar’s dream practice.


In the early days of Sachar Dental NYC, Dr. Sachar had a small practice. It consisted of one dental exam room, one dental assistant, one front desk person, and of course, Dr. Sachar. Like every new medical and dental practitioner who starts their own practice, it started off very slowly. Just like every journey starts off with just one step, a new practice starts off with just one patient. Very quickly, Dr. Sachar’s practice started to grow. Within two years, Dr. Sachar had grown a following by word of mouth. Her practice grew from one exam room to three exam rooms, and she hired her first dental hygienist. Her patients loved her and referred their friends, colleagues and family. She did the right thing for her patients by practicing ethically like she always wanted to. Due to her excellent outcomes, empathy and bedside manner, her practice continued to grow.

Top Dentist NYC - Sachar Dental NYC

Unlike her experience with her first three jobs out of her dental training, Dr. Sachar quickly realized that by doing the right thing for her patients, growth and success come organically, and naturally. By treating her patients like family, ethically and morally, her patients quickly became her biggest advocates toward her practice’s growth. Her referrals grew, and continue to grow to this day.


Today, Sachar Dental NYC is a full service, multispecialty, one stop dental practice for all of patients' dental needs. They have multiple exam rooms, an in-house dental laboratory, four dentists, two specialists, three hygienists and a large dental office staff.

Picture of NYC Dentist Dr. Sandip Sachar with a patient

Best Dentist NYC review  This is the best dentist practice I've ever been to. ---William W, Google

NYC Dentist: Sachar Dental became "Green"

Dr. Sachar has always practiced with a philosophy of being conservative by using the least invasive procedures possible. However, Sachar Dental NYC was not always such a “green practice”. Along with some other principles, green dentistry is a term used to describe the high-tech approach to performing dentistry with the goal of reducing the patient's exposure to toxic materials.

Best Dentist NYC Green Dentistry

Dr. Sachar became aware of the toxicity that is associated with using dental materials, after investigating the many causes of cancer in our society. Unfortunately, this research was performed after her mom was diagnosed with breast cancer over 10 years ago. With no family history of cancer, and no obvious reason why her mom would be diagnosed with cancer, Dr. Sachar set out to research how this could be true.


Dr. Sachar discovered that many of the foods in the American diet contain carcinogenic ingredients as do many of the products that we come in contact with every day. For example, many of the plastics we use every day in our lives contain BPA (Bisphenol-A), a known endocrine disruptor and carcinogen that can leach into food or drinks stored in plastic containers or bottles.


In general, Dr. Sachar researched and set out to discover if there was a link between lifestyles, and exposure to toxins in the environment, and the onset of inflammation and diseases.


During her research, she discovered that many of the dental products that are used in everyday dentistry for implantation into patients’ mouths contained materials that can be toxic.


Dr. Sachar’s mom recovered and is well. Dr. Sachar became mindful of the use of these toxic materials in dentistry. She made the decision to change her practice to always use the least toxic materials possible, and despite the added cost of these materials, she does not pass them on to her patients.

Examples of non-toxic dental materials used in at Sachar Dental NYC include:

  • Resins
  • Cements
  • Bondings
  • Sealants
  • Fillings
  • Crowns
  • Night guards
  • And others

Additionally, they only use high-tech digital x-rays in order to reduce our patients’ exposure to radiation. They take into consideration their environmental impact and carbon footprint. They reduce the amount of waste that they introduce into the environment. They use clean, high heat steam sterilization for instruments. In general, they focus on practicing dentistry while supporting the entire wellness lifestyle. As always, they opt for the least invasive procedures and most conservative options available.  In the end, they also create safe and natural-looking restorations while still using the least toxic materials, and high-tech composites and porcelains.

Where is Sachar Dental NYC today?

Top NYC Dentist Dr Sandip Sachar with Sachar Dental NYC Team

Today, Sachar Dental is a full service, multispecialty, NYC dental practice for all of your dental needs. They have multiple exam rooms, an in-house dental laboratory, four top NYC dentists, two specialists, three hygienists and a large dental office staff.


In addition to their highly skilled NYC general dentists, cosmetic dentists and dental hygienists, they also have on their team, a periodontist, prosthodontist and dental implant specialist, in their office. They routinely perform simple dental teeth cleanings and checkups all the way to complex dental surgery such as full mouth reconstructions, dental implant surgery, and smile makeovers.


They are very proud to have treated thousands of New Yorkers like they are part of their family. They invite you to read their reviews and take a look at their before and after pictures:

Dr. Sachar is currently in the process of completing her “Detoxification Certification” and the use of integrative and alternative treatment options where suitable.


As the owner of Sachar Dental NYC, Dr. Sachar has assembled and oversees an interdisciplinary team of doctors, dental experts, and a highly skilled administrative staff.

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Top NYC Dentist: Midtown Manhattan, New York City

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