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Best Dentist NYC is right!"The best dentists in NYC is right! My experience at Sachar Dental NYC was the best I've had at a dental practice." ---L,S, Google

Sachar Dental NYC is Manhattan's premier dental practice, conveniently located in Midtown Manhattan, by Grand Central Station, in New York City. 

Sachar Dental NYC offers a 'one-stop-shop' for all of your dental needs, making it easy for you to get the dental care you need, in a busy city like NYC. Our in-house team of dental specialists includes a Periodontist/ Gum Specialist, a Prosthodontist, a Dental Implant Specialist, highly skilled General DentistsCosmetic Dentists and Invisalign Certified Providers.

We also specialize in routine preventative dental care including regular dental check-upsteeth cleanings and cavity fillings.

Sachar Dental NYC was established in 2002 and has been providing excellent dental care to New York City patients as well as out-of-town patients for nearly 2 decades. 

At Sachar Dental NYC we have been called the best dentists in NYC many times. Most notably, many of our 5-star patient reviews in Google, Zoc Doc, Doctor-Oogle and Yelp have mentioned these descriptive words "best dentist." We are honored and we are grateful.


Best Dentist NYC
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The 2020 Expertise top 28 dentists in New York City

Sachar Dental NYC has been rated one of the top 28 dentists in NYC!. We are honored to be listed in the “2020 Expertise List of the Best Dentists in New York City”. There are over 12,000 dentists in New York City! Expertise scored the top 2,013 of them. Of these, they picked the top 28 dentists.  We are honored and privileged to have been selected to be included in their curated list of the top 28 dentists in New York City. Click the picture below to see the list.

Best Dentists in New York City

Best dentist NYC - Philosophy 

At Sachar Dental NYC we have often been called the best dentists in NYC in our online reviews. We believe this to be true due to our practice philosophy.  It is very obvious to our patients that we treat them all like family.  From the minute that they walk in the door, they are greeted with a smile from our friendly front desk staff.  Even new patients are greeted with a smile like we have known them forever. Our philosophy is simple, "We care for our patients the way we would want to be cared for ourselves". Additionally, we always allot adequate time for every procedure or appointment so that we are never rushed and our patients never feel rushed. Click here for more on our philosophy and see why we've been called the best dentists in NYC!

Top Rated Local Dentist

Sachar Dental NYC is a top rated local dentist practice! We are very proud to be featured on This website analyzes ratings and reviews from hundreds of verified review sites online, and then ranks businesses on their overall “Rating Score™”. We are proud to have a rating of 97.28 from our reviews as of this writing. Click the picture below to go to this website.

Best Dentists in Manhattan -Sachar Dental

Best dentist NYC - Training

All of our dentists at Sachar Dental NYC, have had extensive advanced dental training beyond the usual dentists’ training.  After completing dental school and dental residency training, as well as our specialists completing advanced training as prosthodontist, periodontist and dental implants specialist, they have also completed extensive dental training at the Spear Education Institute for Advanced Dental Education in Scottsdale Arizona. This advanced comprehensive dental training includes an advanced understanding and management of complex cases including occlusion, TMJ, full mouth reconstruction, cosmetic dentistry, porcelain veneers and whole smile makeovers. Our high success rates since 2002, speak for themselves. 

Best dentist NYC - Skill & incredibly high success rates 

After coming up with an accurate diagnosis, our highly skilled dentists at Sachar Dental NYC, have extreme manual dexterity in performing these dental procedures efficiently, effectively and with precision. It is our innate manual dexterity and ability that allows us to perform every dental procedure skillfully and accurately with focused attention to detail. Our incredibly high success rate since 2002 for all dental procedures speaks for itself.  We invite you to investigate by reading so many of our 5-star reviews on Google, Zoc Doc, Doctor Oogle and Yelp.  Take a look at our before and after pictures in our smile gallery (click) on this website.  When you make an appointment, you can be confident that you are seeing a highly skilled, competent, experienced, and knowledgeable dentist or dental specialist. From simple dental check-ups and teeth cleanings to complex dental implants and surgery, we take it all very seriously. 

Best Dentist NYC Award Sachar Dental NYC

Best Dentist NYC - Experience 

At Sachar Dental NYC, we've been creating healthy beautiful smiles since 2002. With 20 years of experience in New York City we are able to handle even the most complex cases in dentistry with confidence. We take great pride in our incredibly high success rates in dentistry. 

In addition, our team at Sachar Dental NYC consists of cosmetic dentists, general dentists, prosthodontist, dental implant specialist, and periodontist. Having all the specialists in our office, and on our team, allows us to collaborate together to come to the common goal of giving our patients the best possible care.

Our prosthodontist specialist is an expert in treating the most complex cases.  There have been many instances where patients have come to us after seeing other dentists and specialists, and were not satisfied with the work that was done.  With his extensive knowledge and experience of over two decades practicing in New York City, and the gift of manual dexterity our prosthodontist was able to resolve their problems in just a few visits.

Best Dentist NYC

Best dentist NYC - Accurate diagnoses

Sachar dental NYC, founded in 2002, has been serving Midtown Manhattan, New York City, for almost two decades. Our dentists are experts in making accurate diagnoses.  Sometimes, this can be the hardest part of dentistry.  With our experience and training, we are truly experts in discovering not just what is wrong, but also what the underlying cause is.  Once the cause is determined, we are then able to expertly form the best and most appropriate treatment plans.

Best dentist NYC - We are green

Our dentists and specialists are passionate about preventative dentistry in order to preserve as much of the natural teeth as possible, while using the most conservative procedures necessary to alleviate problems.  They also only use the least toxic materials possible, despite their higher prices, without passing these costs on to our patients.

What our patients are saying....

Sachar Dental NYC - Best Dentists in NYCLove Sachar Dental! ---Jennie. F Google

Best Dental Practice in NYCThis is by far the BEST dental office in NYC- no doubt!! --- Yellow Pages

Best Dentist NYC The best dentist in NYC is right! My experience was the best I've had at a dental practice. ---L,S, Google

Best dentist in New York CityBest dentist I have ever been to by far. ---Ayca. E, Google

Best Dental Office NYCThis is by far the best dental office I have ever been to. ---Arthi. R, Google

Best Dentist in New YorkBest experience at the dentist. ---Meghan. E, Zocdoc

Best NYC dentistsWonderful! Am so relieved to have found a great dentist in NYC. Really appreciate the care here. ---CH Zocdoc

Top New York City DentistsExcellent practice! Always exceeds expectations. ---Rate-a-dentist

Best Dentist Manhattan This is the best dentist practice I've ever been to. ---William W, Google

Best Dental Practice in NYCBest Dental Practice in NYC!!!! ---Jeff. K, Facebook

Sachar Dental NYCRarely do people say they like their dentist, but this one is great!  I would definitely recommend. ---Zocdoc

 Best Midtown Manhattan DentistBest dental office ever! ---S.F., Google

Best Dentist NYC - Sachar Dental NYCBest dentist ever! From the front desk to the hygienists to the doctors, everyone is wonderful, and I've gotten excellent care, fast responses, and hardly have any wait time. I've been going to Sachar Dental for 10 years. 11/10, would recommend. --- R.W. Google

Dentist NYC = Best Dentist New YorkTop notch, cutting edge professionals who are there not just to fill cavities but to ensure you keep your teeth for life. Beautiful office, exceptionally run and on time. I have been a patient for more than a decade and couldn't be more pleased!!" ---D.M. Google

Best Dentist NYC - Sachar Dental NYC This is real five star treatment- starting with the friendly people at the front desk, no wait time, professional dentists who explain procedures and give you informed alternatives. Although I've moved to Brooklyn, I won't be changing my dentist! ---B.B Google

Dentist NYC - Best Dentist NYCThe best Dentist experience I've ever had. ---Zocdoc 

Sachar Dental NYC - Top Manhattan DentistsDr. Sachar and her entire team are a true gem. Excellent treatment, customer service and staff who really care about your concerns. Can not recommend highly enough. ---Alice. Z 

Sachar Dental NYC - Top NYC DentistsFriendly, courteous, professional, prompt, cozy: these apply to the dentist and staff. This dentist will change the way you view dental visits! ---D. T. Google

Dentist NYC - Sachar Dental NYC I was thoroughly impressed by the level of professionalism, respect, and skill. ---K.L. Google

Best Dentist NYC - Sachar Dental NYCThe best dentist I've ever had! ---Jonathan. D, Google

Best NYC Dentist - Top New York DentistsBest dental experience I have ever had! Don't think there are many offices where you can say that you found the receptionist, hygienist, and dentist all incredibly competent and welcoming. Very glad I tried out this office --- Zocdoc

Top rated NYC Dentist - Sachar DentalThis is the best dental office I've ever been to!  ---A. S, Yelp

Best Dentist  in Manhattan - Sachar DentalThis practice is phenomenal. They are not only thorough and knowledgeable, but actually make going to the dentist a nice trip! ---A.F. Google

A vision of the best NYC dental practice 

Best Dentist NYC - Dr. Sandip Sachar DDS
Dr. Sandip Sachar DDS. Founder & Owner Sachar Dental NYC

Sachar Dental NYC was started in 2002 by Dr. Sandip Sachar. Dr. Sachar had a vision. At the start of her dental career, after working in multiple NYC locations, she was dissatisfied with the care that she observed was being provided. She was dissatisfied and frustrated. She ultimately decided that she needed to start her own dental practice in order to fulfill her dream of practicing compassionate, ethical and 'green' dentistry, the way that she had envisioned it.

The best NYC dental practice philosophy

Dr. Sachar decided that her NYC dental practice would treat patients like family. Any dental service provided to her patients would be a service that she would like to be done on herself, her mother or her child for the same diagnosis. Her philosophy also focused on providing dental services that were the least invasive and most conservative options available, to get the job done. She also decided that she would use the least toxic dental materials possible, despite them costing her more. Additionally, her core belief has always been to treat her patients with prevention rather than cure. To this day, her entire NYC dental practice is focused on preventing dental disease before it has the chance to progress. Click here for more on Sachar Dental NYC philosophy.

Best Dentist NYC - Sachar Dental NYC waiting room

Building the best NYC dental team

Since opening her doors in 2002, Dr. Sachar has expanded her practice, Sachar Dental NYC, to include additional cosmetic dentists and general dentists as well as dental specialists. She has amassed an incredible team of dentists, certified dental hygienists, dental assistants and her front office staff. Her practice is truly like her family.

Our patients are family- The Sachar Dental NYC Family

In addition to treating her staff like family, Dr. Sachar treats all of her patients like family. Her dental practice, Sachar Dental NYC, has continued to grow over the past 2 decades by “word of mouth”.  Many of her patients have been with her for this entire time. Her philosophy for growth is simple; treat patients like she would want to be treated, explain everything in detail, allocate sufficient time for every patient such that they do not feel rushed, and finally, provide ethical and excellent dental care at fair prices while accepting dental insurance.

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