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Dental Implants Specialist NYC

Why is the dental implant specialist at Sachar Dental NYC the best dentists in New York City for dental implants?

At Sachar Dental NYC, we take great pride in our very high success rate, as well as the very high patient’s satisfaction with our dental implants.  When it comes to this complex procedure, experience matters.  We have over 20 years of experience at Sachar Dental NYC in placing dental implants.  Our team of cosmetic dentists and implant specialists have the training and experience necessary to produce outstanding outcomes.

Along with our extensive experience and training, we also have one of the best dental laboratories in New York City that makes our dental implants.

At Sachar Dental NYC, we never rush in to extractions, and try to save the natural tooth whenever possible.  When the tooth cannot be saved, it then comes time to perform dental implants.  We are ethical physicians that always give our patients all possible options to restore missing teeth and never push dental implants.

Additionally, our prosthodontist is also a specialist in dental implants.  He has undergone extensive training in two specialties, dental implants and prosthodontics.  This is rare for the same dentists to complete both specialties in their post dental school education.  In most dental practices, two different people will place the implant and then restore the tooth.  In our practice, the same person places the dental implant and then restores the tooth, which gives him the ability to oversee the dental implant surgeries from start to finish.  This unique ability translates into the same person that is able to visualize both parts of the procedure, from start to finish, in order to achieve much better outcomes.

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