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Dentist NYC - Children's Dentistry

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Children’s dental check-ups and teeth cleanings

At Sachar Dental NYC, we are New York City's best dentists for your whole family. We invite you to bring in your children for pediatric dental checkups and pediatric dental teeth cleanings. Generally, we treat children ages 7 and up to adulthood, including teenagers. We often make exceptions for younger children if you inquire. In fact, our youngest patient is 2 years old.


Just as in adults, it is important to catch any dental pathology early in your child's mouth.  It is also very important for children to have regularly scheduled professional dental teeth cleanings in order to prevent tooth decay and cavities, by the removal of plaque and tartar.

Children's dentist NYC

How often should I have my children's teeth profesionally cleaned?

It is very important for children to have their teeth cleaned professionally twice per year to prevent problems. Whether your child has all baby teeth, a mixture of baby teeth and adult teeth, or they have all adult teeth, they need to have a professional dental teeth cleaning. Just like in adults, plaque builds up on, and between the teeth, and under the gums. Bacteria within the plaque release acid that causes teeth to decay and form cavities.

Every parent can attest that getting children to brush can be difficult.  Additionally, when they finally do brush, they are not the best at performing the task. Therefore, it is common for plaque to be left behind on, and between the teeth when your child brushes. For this reason, it is very important for your children to have a professional dental teeth cleaning every six months.

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How often should I have my children's teeth examined?

It is also very important for children to have dental checkups twice per year to catch problems early on. In baby teeth, tooth decay can progress much more quickly than in adult teeth. Therefore, it is important to have regular checkups to catch these problems before the progress too far, and need more invasive treatments.

Children's teeth cleaning in NYC

Should my children have dental x-rays?

Additionally, dental x-rays are a very important part of the pediatric dental evaluation. X-rays are important to diagnose problems in children's teeth.  Tooth decay can be seen on x-ray between the teeth and under the gums that may not be visible during a clinical examination. Again, due to the rapid progression of tooth decay, we recommend pediatric dental x-rays 1-2 times per year. At Sachar Dental NYC, we only use safer digital dental x-rays.

Dentist NYC for Children teeth cleaning

Sachar Dental NYC- Experts in children's dental teeth cleanings

At Sachar Dental NYC, our dental hygienists love children. Our hygienists are very child friendly and are very gentle. Just like for our adult patients, we always schedule adequate time for our pediatric patients’ teeth cleanings and dental checkups. Our dental hygienists always make our pediatric patients feel important, are the center of attention, and their parents do not feel rushed. By spending a lot of time with children, it allows them to not be afraid, and they feel comfortable going to the dentist from an early age. With ample time to spend with our child patients, our dentists and dental hygienists engage the children which allows them to overcome fears of dental examinations and teeth cleanings. This helps them to form good habits early on in life for a lifetime of not fearing the dentist, and making it a habit of going in for regular checkups and teeth cleanings in the future.


At Sachar Dental NYC, we apply our usual conservative approach to children as well. We do not use nitrous oxide, laughing gas. We do not believe administering toxic medications to children unnecessarily. With that said, for children that require additional behavioral management due to anxiety, we will refer them out to expert pediatric dentists that specializes in treating children.  We have an excellent network of physicians that we refer to that we trust.  We also refer children to pediatric dental specialists for children that require more complex, or more invasive dental treatments and procedures.

Dentist NYC for Kids

Sachar Dental NYC is New York City's best family dentistry practice

For patients’ convenience, many families schedule their visits on the same day.  We welcome you to call today to schedule appointments for the entire family!

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What Our Patients Are Saying....

Children's Dentist NYC    "I was so nervous that my 3 year old would be hysterical crying during his filling, but Dr. Sachar's gentle ways lead to a 20 minute procedure and not one tear shed! I would recommend Dr. Sachar to anyone and everyone!" - H.S Zocdoc Review

Best Dentist NYC- Children's dentistry  "They make you feel comfortable and have excellent bed side manners. Even my 7 year old feels comfortable when she’s with them on her own. I would highly recommend Sachar Dental." - G.S. Google

Dentist NYC for adults and children  "This practice has been heaven sent for me and my kids. Sachar Dental are extremely detailed oriented and pick up on things other practices have missed. They are true partners and their approach and kind manner puts everything in to bite-sized steps that make you comfortable. The team in all areas of the practice are kind and patient (i have 2 kids) and even in more challenging tooth related issues, they have instilled a sense of calm. I can to recommend this practice highly enough." - S.M. Google

Dentist NYC   "Excellent care, incredibly friendly service and never a wait... best Dentist I've ever been to." - N.B. Google

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