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All the below content has been written by Dr. Sandip Sachar.

Dentist NYC: Mercury-Free GREEN Dentistry

The definition of “green dentistry”:

Green dentistry is a term used to describe the high-tech approach to performing dentistry with the goal of reducing environmental impact, reducing waste, reducing patient exposure to toxic materials, and in general, supporting an overall ‘wellness’ approach to dentistry.

Sachar Dental NYC - Our dental philosophy

Dentist NYC - Mercury Free Dentistry

At Sachar Dental NYC, our philosophy starts with using the least toxic dental materials available.  We also perform the least invasive, and most conservative dental procedures possible, for any given diagnosis.


When NYC dentist, Dr. Sachar, started Sachar Dental in 2002, her philosophy was to treat patients like she would treat her own family, or how she would like to be treated herself. This started with focusing on conservative dentistry that saves teeth rather than extracting them whenever possible, and using the least invasive dental procedures in order to save as much of the natural tooth as possible. To this date, all of the NYC dentist practitioners and dental specialists at Sachar Dental NYC maintain this core philosophy of treating patients like family. All our top rated NYC dentist experts and dental providers are ethical, compassionate, empathetic and exhibit excellent bedside manner, and people skills.

Dentist NYC: Using the least toxic dental materials

Dr. Sachar has always used the least toxic dental materials available for any given procedure. Everything that we use at Sachar Dental NYC.  is  BPA-free and does not contain toxic, non-precious metals or Mercury.  Examples of “green materials” used at Sachar Dental NYC include BPA-free sealants,. BPA-free fillings and BPA-free bonding cements used for bonding porcelain crowns and veneers. We also use safe materials like porcelain, precious metals, resin, and composite filling materials for all our restorations.  We do not use any non-precious metals in our crowns. Our fillings are also always mercury-free.  Although these materials cost us more, we do not pass these costs on to our patients.

Dentist NYC: Eco-friendly dentistry

In addition to using the best available, and least toxic dental materials, green dentistry entails much more than that.  Green dentistry focuses on supporting the entire wellness lifestyle.  This also takes into consideration having the smallest carbon footprint and is eco-friendly.  At Sachar Dental NYC we always use high-tech innovations that improve our outcomes, enhance our efficiency, and also reduce the amount of waste introduced into the environment. We have amalgam separators and water filtration systems installed at Sachar Dental NYC. And any toxic waste is removed responsibly through designated companies on a regular basis. 

Dentist NYC: Dental digital x-rays with the least exposure to radiation, and no development chemicals necessary

Another example of Sachar Dental NYC 'green dentistry', is our use of digital x-rays.  Digital x-rays produce far less radiation exposure to our patients than traditional x-rays. Additionally, traditional x-rays used to require the use of harsh chemicals to develop them.  This included the use of lead in the development process.  Digital x-rays require no chemicals in order to produce images.  Digital x-ray images are also higher resolution and better quality than traditional x-rays.  This allows us the ability to make better diagnoses and evaluations.  In the end, our diagnoses are more accurate, quicker and safer.

Dentist NYC: Eco-friendly and effective sterilization of dental instruments

When it comes to sterilizing our dental instruments, we avoid the use of harsh chemicals at Sachar Dental NYC.  We utilize advanced autoclaves that use high heat steam under high-pressure, and high temperatures, to properly disinfect our instruments.  This is the same type of sterilization used by large institutions.

Dentist NYC: Safe and natural-looking restorations

At Sachar Dental NYC we employ the least harmful materials that produce the most natural-looking dental restorations.  In the past, restorations used toxic metals that have now been replaced with high-tech, non-toxic, composite and porcelain materials.

Goals of Green Dentistry:

  • Support of an overall wellness lifestyle
  • Reduced toxicity of materials to patients
  • Reduced waste
  • Smaller carbon footprint
  • Reduced x-ray radiation exposure to patients

Dentist NYC: Experience and training of New York City’s best dentists

In addition to all of the above, at Sachar Dental NYC we also always are the most conservative in our choice of procedures. We always try to maintain as much of the natural tooth as possible. We never rush in to performing extractions or other invasive procedures. We are always able to achieve the best possible outcomes and still perform the least invasive procedures. This comes with years of experience and training. All of the NYC dentists and dental specialists at Sachar Dental have extensive advanced dental training and experience that allows them to produce the best possible outcomes and still use the least invasive procedures. However, when it comes time for the need for more invasive procedures, they also have the experience and training necessary to produce the perfect outcome as well. And at the same time, we treat patients like family, and produce the best possible outcomes.


In summary, we invite you to come see why green dentistry can make a difference.


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