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All the below content has been written by Dr. Sandip Sachar.

General Dentistry FAQ's

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Who is the best dentist in New York?

Sachar Dental has achieved the highest ratings for dentists in NYC (5/5) on:

How Much Does seeing a dentist cost?

Seeing a dentist in NYC at Sachar Dental costs:

We accept most PPO dental insurance plans that cover teeth cleanings, check-ups, x-rays, fillings, implants, invisalign, periodontics and many more services at 50-100%.

  • $200 for consultation
  • $180 cleaning

How do I find the best dentist in my area?

Almost all of the patients we see at Sachar Dental come from:

  • Referral from friends and family
  • Referral from your medical doctor
  • Referral from dental insurance
  • Online such as Google, Zocdoc, Facebook, Instagram

What services does a general dentist provide?

If your question is not found above, please feel free to contact our office.

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