Dentist NYC – Emergency dentist for broken teeth

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Dentist NYC - Emergency dentist for broken teeth

One of the most common things we get called for on an emergency basis at Sachar Dental is for broken teeth. Within the category of broken teeth, there are multiple levels of severity.  These can range from a small chip that is broken off, to a major part of the tooth that has come loose or separated.  Sometimes, an old filling can break free from a tooth as well.  Other times, the patient may have a hairline fracture through a tooth.  This can be very painful yet not be observed easily when looking.

What can cause a tooth to break?

A very common cause of a broken tooth is due to a large old filling. These fillings are usually 15 or more years old.  They also are significantly large that they are majority of the size of the actual tooth.   Over the years, from everyday chewing, there is wear and tear on the filling and the tooth around it. Eventually the old filling and part of the tooth can become cracked and loose and possibly fall out.

Another common cause of broken teeth is biting down on something that is hard, such as a bone, accidentally biting the tip of a fork or a hard popcorn kernel, etc.

Clenching or grinding your teeth can also cause teeth to break.

Symptom of broken teeth:

  • Sensitivity to cold
  • Sensitivity to heat
  • Sensitivity to sweets
  • Pain with pressure
  • Pain with chewing and biting
  • Spontaneous pain
  • Constant dull tooth ache
  • Constant severe pain
  • Throbbing
  • Sometimes, broken teeth may be asymptomatic.

Diagnosis of broken teeth:

During your visit we will do an extensive examination of the tooth or teeth.  We will assess the extent of the damage and the size of the fracture.  We will take x-rays to evaluate the extent of the fracture and location of the nerve.  We also observe to see if there is any infection or abscess within the broken tooth.

Treatment of broken teeth:

For a small chip or crack in the tooth we will perform a bonding procedure in order to replace the missing part of the tooth with a tooth colored fillings material.

For larger breaks within the tooth we will replace missing tooth with porcelain.  This is achieved with a porcelain onlay, a porcelain inlay or a crown.

When the nerve is exposed within the broken part of the tooth, it may be necessary to perform a root canal procedure followed by a post and crown.

When an abscess is observed on x-ray, it may also be necessary perform a root canal procedure followed by a post and crown.

Finally, when the fracture is severe and the tooth cannot be preserved, we may need to perform an extraction, and possibly follow-up with a dental implant procedure.

Why are we best for broken teeth?

At Sachar dental we always do the most conservative and least invasive procedures.  We use only the least toxic materials.  We try to avoid more invasive procedures were broken teeth such as root canals and extractions.

If you have broken tooth or think you may have broken a tooth call Sachar dental today.

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