Dentist NYC Emergency Dentists for Lost or Loose Fillings

Emergency Dentist NYC for Lost or Loose Fillings

Fillings are performed in order to fill the deficit from a cavity within a tooth.  It is important to fill cavities quicklyDr Sachar with patient with lost filling rather than letting them linger in order to prevent the cavity from getting larger and/or infection spreading.  Likewise, when a filling becomes loose or lost is also important to fix this right away to prevent bigger problems.

Over time, fillings may become loose and fall out of a tooth.  When a filling becomes loose it may present as pain or sensitivity to the tooth. Sometimes, a loose filling may be asymptomatic.  If this is the case, it will be diagnosed in your regular dental checkup.  If you suspect a loose filling is important to get an examination by a dentist.  It is more obvious when the filling actually falls out.

What can happen if I lose a filling?

Losing a filling can result in a few different problems.  When a filling falls out the remaining tooth becomes more vulnerable to fracture or cracking.  A tooth without a filling is far weaker than with it in.  Just biting down on something may cause the tooth to break.  The filling supports the remaining tooth after the cavity is filled.  The filling also forms of barrier to bacteria spreading within the cavity.  Once the filling is no longer present, bacteria can get into the tooth and spread causing tooth decay, and may affect the nerve necessitating a root canal procedure.

What will my dentist do for loose or lost filling?

When a filling becomes loose or falls out, treatment becomes very similar to the original treatment for a cavity.  A cavity is a deficit in the structure of the tooth.  The first step in cavity treatment is to identify the extent of the cavity and the severity.  This will determine the level of treatment necessary.

The process of replacing the filling starts with removing the decayed part of the tooth, if it has gotten more decayed since the filling fell out.  Next, the deficit is filled with filling materials.  As always at Sachar Dental, we use the least toxic materials possible.  We only use tooth colored filling material for a more cosmetic result.  Once the filling material has been placed, this fully seals the tooth to reduce further destruction and the spread of bacteria.

When a filling falls out and is not fixed relatively quickly, a cavity can become more extensive or severe.  When this happens, it is possible for the tooth to become weakened so much that a filling will no longer work.  The next step to repair this problem is by placing a crown over the tooth.  As always at Sachar Dental, we try to perform the least invasive procedures first.

After a filling has been lost, it is possible that the nerve within the tooth may become irritated or infected. At this stage, a root canal procedure becomes necessary.  A root canal procedure involves removing the nerve within the tooth.  It is then filled with filling material where the nerve used to be.

If left untreated for a longer period of time after the filling falls out, the decay may become so severe that the tooth cannot be saved.  At this stage, we will perform an extraction of the entire tooth.  Again, at Sachar Dental we always try to perform the least invasive procedures possible. After an extraction is performed, the tooth is replaced with a dental implant.

As I'm sure you have already figured out, early intervention after a filling becomes loose or lost is very important in order to prevent the need for more invasive procedures.

If you have a loose, or lost filling, call us today to schedule a consultation.  Each patient’s situation is different; however, early intervention is always your best option.

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