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Deep cleaning NYCWhat is a deep cleaning?

During your normal dental checkup, your dentist may notice that your gums are inflamed or bleeding.  If this is the case, they may recommend a deep cleaning.  A deep cleaning is very similar to a normal dental cleaning, whereas were remove plaque, tartar and bacteria.  In a deep cleaning, we use anesthesia to ensure that the patient is comfortable when we clean below the gums.

Why would I need a deep cleaning as opposed to a normal cleaning?

Inflamed and/or bleeding gums can be caused by bacteria that has spread deeper below the gum.  During a normal dental cleaning, we are able to get approximately 3 mm below the gum line to remove bacteria.  Therefore, when we observe bacteria that is below 3 mm, this requires a deeper cleaning.  This is an objective decision that the dentist makes.  Another reason to suggest a deep cleaning are signs of bone loss on x-rays, which also indicate deeper bacterial presence.

What is the difference between a deep cleaning and a regular dental teeth cleaning?

During a deep cleaning, we are able to penetrate deeper below the gums to remove plaque, tartar and bacteria.

How do I know if really need a deep cleaning?

This decision is made by the doctor after a clinical examination and x-rays.

What happens during a deep cleaning?

The first step in performing a deep dental cleaning, is to measure the gum pocket on every tooth.  We document how deep under the gum that we need to go for each individual tooth.  The next step is achieving anesthesia.  After anesthesia is achieved, we are able to get deep inside the gums on every tooth to remove all plaque, tartar and bacteria that is present.

How many deep cleanings will I need?

A majority of our patients require only one deep cleaning.  After a deep cleaning ,we recommend regular dental cleanings every 3 months and evaluations.

What happens if I need a deep cleaning but do not get one?

If one fails to get a deep cleaning when you really need one, gum and bone disease, also called  periodontal disease, will progress.  If it is allowed to progress too much, it will cause bone loss and the teeth will become loose, and eventually fall out.  In the worse cases, untreated gum disease will allow the bacteria to spread deeper within the bone, and to the blood, and eventually to other organs of the body.  Most notably, untreated gum disease has been linked heart disease.  In some cases it has also been linked to pancreatic cancer.

What to expect after a deep dental cleaning?

During a deep cleaning, the gums are numb from the anesthesia.  When the anesthesia wears off, it is normal for the gums to feel sore.  This usually last only a few days.

How will I know if I need gum surgery?

At your follow-up visit after a deep cleaning, we will determine if the bacteria had been adequately removed.  On some occasions, the deep cleaning fails to remove the bacteria.  In this case, we will recommend gum surgery in order to go even deeper, to remove the infection.

If you have noticed inflamed or bleeding gums when you brush, you may have gum disease.  Call us today to schedule a checkup and see if you need deep cleaning. Call (212) 752-1163

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