Root Canal Dentist in NYC

Root Canal Dentist in NYC

What is a root canal procedure?

Most people have heard of a root canal procedure.   A root canal procedure is a dental treatment in which the infected or necrotic nerve inside of a tooth is removed.  Once the nerve is removed, the empty canal is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.  The resulting empty canal where the nerve used to be is then filled with filling material.

Why would I Need a Root Canal Procedure?

Every tooth has a nerve deep inside of it.  When this nerve becomes infected, a root canal procedure becomes necessary.  It is important to treat infected nerves.  They can be very painful and can cause spreading of infection locally to the bone as well as systemically through the blood and eventually other body parts.  It is also worth noting, that sometimes, infected nerves may have no pain at all.  It is still important to treat these to prevent the spread of infection.

There are a few reasons why the nerve within a tooth can become infected:

  • A cavity that grows large enough or deep enough to touch the nerve within a tooth.
  • Trauma, for example biting on something very hard that can injure the nerve.
  • A tooth fracture that exposes the nerve.
  • Repetitive trauma over years that due to clenching or grinding.
  • Large old filings that begin to leak and form a cavity under them.
  • Old crowns that begin to leak and form a cavity under them.
  • Old root canal procedures can become re-infected.

How is a Root canal procedure done?

X-ray of root canal- Sachar Dental NYCThe first step is to examine the infected tooth.  We will remove the infected area of the tooth and the nerve below it.  The empty canal is then thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.  Filling material is introduced to fill the canal where the nerve used to be.  Local anesthesia is used to ensure that the procedure is completely pain-free.

What should I expect after a root canal procedure?

Antibiotics may or may not be prescribed after a root canal procedure depending on the severity of the infection.  The deficit in the tooth that allowed the nerve to become infected needs repaired after the root canal procedure is completed.  A small area can be repaired was just the filling. Large areas may need a crown.

Our philosophy on root canals.

Sometimes, patients come in thinking that they may need a root canal done.  Whenever possible, we first determine if a tooth can be saved without doing an invasive root canal procedure.  As with all of our dentistry, we always use the least invasive and most conservative approach possible to resolve your problem.

Does insurance pay for root canal procedures?

Most insurances cover root canal procedures at 80 to 100% of our fees.  To determine if your specific insurance plan covers root canals, please call our office.

Cost of a Root Canal Procedure.

The cost of a root canal procedure depends on which tooth is involved, and the individual provider performing it.  At the time of this writing, the current price range in Manhattan NYC for a root canal is from $900 to $3,000 per tooth.  Most endodontists that specializes root canals start at $2,500 per tooth. At Sachar Dental our fees are $1,100 for a front tooth and $1,500 for a back tooth. However, most of our fee is usually covered by your insurance. Call first to ensure that we accept your plan.

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