Dentist NYC for Cavities

Dentist NYC for Cavities

What is a cavity?

A cavity is a hole or imperfection in a tooth that is caused by bacteria that destroys  a part of the tooth structure.  When food particles remain on your teeth after brushing and flossing bacteria builds up on them.  The bacteria releases an acid that destroyed the tooth. This is a cavity.

When caught very early, cavities can be reversible with the use of a fluoride treatment.  This prevents further decay and need for more invasive procedures. These early cavities are called incipient carries.

When cavities get passed this early stage, a filling becomes necessary. Before placing the filling our dentist will removed the decayed part of the tooth and replace the deficit with a filling material.

Left untreated, cavities can get large enough to affect the nerve within the tooth.  When this happens, it requires procedure called a root canal.

Cavities are not uncommon. Most individuals will have one or more throughout their lifetime. When early cavities are given proper attention it is possible to prevent worsening and need for more invasive treatment.

Often, people do not take care of cavities soon enough.  Once there is increased damage to the nerve within the tooth, more invasive procedures are necessary.  However, more advanced cavities are still treatable.

What are the symptoms of a cavity?

Symptoms of cavities include sensitivity to sweets, sensitivity to hot and cold, discomfort with biting and/or pressure to the tooth, or constant pain. Other times, there are no associated symptoms with a cavity.  This is why it is very important to get regular cleanings and checkups.  The American Dental Association recommends getting cleanings and check-ups every 6 months.

How are cavities treated?

The first step in cavity treatment is the diagnosis and recognition of the cavity by our dentists.  The dentist will identify where and how many cavities are present. They will also determine the size and depth of the cavity.

The severity of the cavity will determine the treatment.


Treatment for superficial, small cavities includes fluoride treatments and monitoring.  A larger or deeper cavity will require getting a filling. The process of performing a filling includes drilling and removing the rotten part of the tooth first.  Then that area will be replaced with filling materials.  This fully seals the tooth to reduce further destruction. These filling materials includes resin, porcelain or other combinations of materials fill the deficit within the tooth. At Sachar Dental NYC we only use the least toxic materials that are mercury and BPA free.


When a cavity is a more extensive or severe a crown is may become necessary. A crown is a replacement for the majority of the tooth that is removed due to the cavity. Our dentists will identify when the tooth has been destroyed or weakened enough that a crown is required, and a filling will no longer work. Whenever possible, we prefer to perform the least invasive procedures. We believe in preserving as much of the natural healthy tooth structure as possible. We will try to use a three-quarter crown instead of a full coverage crown when possible. Our crowns are made from tooth-colored porcelain materials.

Root Canals

When cavities are more severe and deeper, they will affect the nerve within the pulp of the tooth. Once the cavity is this deep, a root canal procedure becomes necessary to relieve the pain and stop spread of the infection within the tooth. After the root canal is is completed, a crown is often necessary to replace the destroyed tooth.


In the most severe cases of cavities, tooth extraction may become necessary.  Extraction is removal of the entire tooth. After extraction of the tooth there are a few options to replace the tooth including use of dental implants, or bridges or a removable flipper that restore the function.

As I'm sure you've already figured out, early detection and treatment of cavities can prevent the need for these more invasive procedures.

Each patient's situation is different.

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