The best dentist for dental implants in NYC and why.

Dental Implants

When one loses a tooth the best way to return to normal chewing function and aesthetic looks is to replace the tooth with a dental implant.

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We have seen dentists advertising super cheap dental implants and wondered how they could do dental implants so cheap.


We will reserve commenting on what they are doing wrong and just tell you what we do right that makes us the best dentists in NYC for your dental implants.

What separates our dental implants from the rest

While there are many factors to explain, below I’ll start with the biggest factor that sets us apart from the rest.

Our dental implant specialist!

Our dental implant specialist, called an implantologist, is dual board certified in dental implants and prosthodontics.  Why is that so special and important?


When it comes to dental implants, most times patients see two specialists. Our dentist is experienced and trained in both specialties.

How dental implants work

First, I’ll explain how dental implants work and that will explain why most times two dentists have to collaborate, whereas our dual specialist does it all. By doing both parts of the implant procedure, our outcome is amazing with incredibly satisfied and happy patients and an incredibly high success rate.


Dental implants require a few steps but can be characterized by two major steps. The first part involves the placement of the dental implant. The second step involves placing the implant supported crown.

Step one, the dental implant.

The dental implant is basically titanium metal that screws into the bone. It is manufactured to very precise standards. At Sachar Dental NYC we use the very best quality implants. As mentioned earlier rather that put down our cheaper competitors, just know that these high quality implants are made to last and fit very precisely, and therefore cost more.


The precision placement of the dental implant is very important to ensure proper function, aesthetics and long life. Our dental implant specialist has the experience and knowledge to know exactly where to place the implant and how to do it.


Sometimes, the bone is not adequate to receive and hold the implant. In these cases the specialist makes the determination of when and how to use bone grafts to ensure the implant goes in correctly, and stays in. Bone grafts are an additional procedure along with the implant.


With that said, we never up-sell bone grafts  when they are not absolutely necessary. We believe in treating patients like we would want to be treated, or our family members should be treated.


After the implant and possibly the bone graft are inserted, the next step is to add the abutment and crown.

Step two, the crown, tooth replacement.

The crown is the part of the dental implant that looks like, and functions like the tooth that is being replaced.


In order to attach the crown to the titanium implant, an abutment is required. Abutments are the connecting pieces that secure the crown to the implant.


I mentioned our dental implant specialist is also a prosthodontist specialist as well. Almost all implant specialists refer patients to a prosthodontist to get their abutment and crown after they insert the dental implant.


In our office, our dentist specializes in both prosthodontics and dental implants. This allows him to visualize the crown while he is placing the implant and this is what sets him apart from other dentists. It allows him to adapt his technique to ensure that the implant, abutment and crown fit well, look great, function well and last a lifetime.


We are a one stop office for your implant, abutment and crown. We quote a single price for all the necessary steps and stand behind our work. There will be no blaming other dentists if the implant, abutment and crown don’t work well together. One person does the whole procedure, start to finish.


This is why our success rate is so incredibly high.

Best dental laboratory

In addition to the above, we also have the best dental laboratory in order to fabricate the implant supported porcelain crown.


Our lab technicians are truly artists when it comes to making porcelain crowns. Our crowns are hand made to perfectly match the normal enamel color and perfectly shaped to look natural, and function great in chewing. By making the porcelain crowns but hand we can ensure they have a natural looking color blend that a milling machine can’t match.

TLDR version:

In summary, the combination of the following reasons are why we excel at dental implants and have such a high success rate.


  • Our implant specialist is dual board certified in implants and prosthodontics.
  • One specialist dentist performs entire implant procedure including all steps for implant, abutment and crown.
  • Highest quality titanium dental implant.
  • Artist hand crafted porcelain crown.
  • Highest level of dental specialist training.
  • One of the most experienced implant specialists in NYC with so many satisfied and happy implant patients.
  • Highest level of dental specialist training.
  • Single price quote from start to finish.
  • We stand behind our work and ensure patients are satisfied.
  • No unethical up-sell.
  • Patients receive dentists cell phone number for emergencies.

Go with the best dentist in NYC for dental implants, Sachar Dental NYC

Don’t go cheap when choosing your dental implant specialist. Go with the best in NYC. Call Sachar Dental NYC for a consultation where we will explain everything you need to know to make the decision and get the best dental implants.

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